Lean Project Management: How to Apply Lean Thinking in Your Next Project

Have you thought about how the principles of leanness can be applied to your project management? Lean Project Management translates to streamlining the existing processes, so as to achieve the maximum output with minimal or no wastes. Here are a few catchphrases that Lean Practitioners suggest to implement: Standardize: Standardizing the processes ensures a more […]

Understanding Deliverables- Decomposing Requirements for Tangible Project Outcomes

Delivery-oriented project managers make the scope’s outcome tangible in order to fulfill the project’s goals. The first step to incorporating this project planning technique is to understand what a “deliverable” is. “Deliverables” are concrete and discrete artifacts of a project’s outcome, such as products, functionalities, features, documents and plans. They can be obtained by “decomposing,” […]

Project Management Articles

The term “collaboration” has become one of the primary hot topics for businesses and analysts throughout the industry lately. At its most basic level, “collaboration” simply means “working with others in a coordinated fashion toward a common goal.” But few actually attempt to define what it really means in the context of business and PPM. […]