Project Management Not Getting Any Easier

Project management skills can pay off handsomely if you’re a contractor, but also require frequent refreshing. A top 10 list of project management trends for 2013 compiled by project management training company ESI International suggests that companies will adopt a more ruthless attitude in 2013 and terminate project management offices (PMOs) that don’t deliver measurable […]

5 Things That Really Matter In Project Management

Regardless of which project management approach you subscribe to every project can benefit from some focus on elements that are relevant to all projects and all methodologies. We all want to improve our project success rate and consistently deliver projects we can be proud of so just what are the aspects that cut across the […]

How do you know a practice is truly ‘best’?

  Business practitioners often use the term “best practices” when discussing improvement initiatives. That term represents practices that, when adopted, will have a positive impact on business performance. But there is more to best practices. To move past the label, business leaders must answer the question, “How do I know this practice is truly ‘best’?” […]