Announcement: Misinform, Mislead and Misdirect

Probably no family of statistical measures is more prone to honest misuses and wanton abuses than that of the percent. In this article we survey a variety of ways that percents misinform, mislead and misdirect. Improper comparisons and faulty conclusions about ratios result from statistical ignorance. H. G. Wells once said: “Statistical thinking will one […]

Do we recognise the value of business process automation?

We live in a world – in our lives as individuals outside work, as well as our lives at work inside organisations – where information technology is arguably the most potent force driving transformation. In organisations, IT is driving new opportunities for sourcing capabilities and systems through Cloud-based platforms; new opportunities for delivering information and […]

5 “Process Ghouls” that go bump in the night

This nauseating nasty can be easily identified by its propensity to expand anything that is put in front of it. Recognizable symptoms of a scope creeper infestation are projects that continually grow in size and budget and a tendency to tackle multiple problems all at once. The only known remedy of this ghoul is neutralization […]