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Lean Six Sigma in Aerospace & Defense Industry

As per the industry classification benchmark, this industry sector includes the following sub-sectors –

Aerospace – Manufacturers, assemblers and distributors of aircraft and aircraft parts primarily used in commercial or private air transport.

Defense – Producers of components and equipment for the defense industry, including military aircraft, radar equipment and weapons.

Video Description

Rajesh Sampath Kumar, a design and aerospace professional shares his experience during his Black Belt training with Benchmark Six Sigma.

Feedback from participants

A very well designed capsule for anyone desirous of imbibing statistically oriented analytical skills for modern management environment.
– Subroto Nirmal Mukherjee, Commander, Indian Navy

I liked the step by step approach towards understanding the nuances of quality management done in a very professional and a methodical manner. Benchmark has time and yet again proved that teaching quality control management is its forte. In these four days I realized that I made the right choice.
-Kinshuk Agarwal, Squadron Leader, Indian Air Force

The course provides excellent knowledge about quality and process enhancement. The structure has been in a very professional manner ensuing all participants gain 100% from the facilitation.
-Cariappa BM, Captain, Indian Army

Everyone should know about Six Sigma irrespective of the type of business they are into.
-Shankara H.S, Manager – Machine shop, Moog controls (India) Pvt. Ltd.

A course worth undertaking if one wants to improve his business/organization and thereby making impact in the organization.
-A.K. Narendra, Captain, Indian Air Force

The course curriculum of Benchmark Six Sigma is very comprehensive and well organized.
-Kunal Choudhary, Captain, Indian Army

The training was very informative and practical. Six Sigma can be used in every sphere of day to day life and industry.”Do it to make life simple.”
-Mohit Kumar Gupta, Captain, Indian Army

The course provided enough confidence to propose and carry out projects in the company.
-R.Venugopal, Manager-Quality: Moog controls (India) Pvt. Ltd.