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Feedback from participants at HERE Solutions

Training session was well organized and thought out. I have found that the information presented has been relevant to current practice and up-to-date in the content. I’ve learnt some really valuable skills that I have been able to utilize in my own practice. I recommend this training to others who are in similar roles.
– Pankaj Ashtivkar, Project Leader, Here Solutions

Training delivery, modules and pace was excellent, we learnt many new concepts and will surely deploy in our day to day work.
– Atul Ajit Sawant, Project Leader, Here Solutions

Training flow and effectiveness to the subject was bang on. The trainer was excellent, who always made the training very interesting by adding humour periodically.
– Dipin Manani, Project Leader, Here Solutions

Benchmark’s training courses should be recommended to all members in the organization.
– Nilin K Barge, Project Leader, Here Solutions

Very Lively Sessions that help understand the complex tools and Techniques of Quality. The trainer Keeps the class engrossed and makes sure all are on the same page.
– Deepti Keer, Project Leader, Here Solutions

Great and interactive session.
– Rohit Bhoir, Project Leader, Here Solutions

I liked the training content and delivery of the training by the trainer. Very helpful training course.
– Amey Worlikar, Project Leader, Here Solutions

The way the course was conducted and overall knowledge of the trainer was spot on.
– Anish Madkaikar, Project Leader, Here Solutions

It’s a very good & helpful workshop.
– Ganesh D Sutar, Project Leader, Here Solutions

Trainer’s command on the subject and ability to make it interesting and interactive was worth noticing. A very interesting, insightful and interactive approach to corporate training, with a right mix of humour and practicality.
– Ritesh K Puthran, Project Leader, Here Solutions

Excellent model of coaching including all the ways of learning: visual, theory, discussion and exercises.
– S M Fahim Akhtar, Transition Manager, Here Solutions

The facilitator as usual delivered great training session without making sessions hard to understand. Great Delivery 🙂
– Akhilesh Rai, Project Leader, Here Solutions

I think this is a very good training program which will help anyone in thinking out of the box.
– Dhanlaxmi Udaya Poojary, Project Leader, Here Solutions

With due course, transition from theory to real time examples helped the concepts to be understood with great clarity. This is my second training from Benchmark, and I must say the practical examples shared has helped me to understand the techniques effectively.
– Aarti Chowdhory, Project Leader, Here Solutions

Overall package was great. Really good course.
– Amit Mhatre, Project Leader, Here Solutions