Why People Succeed or Fail in New Assignments

Drucker believes that among those who are promoted, not many work towards new process development, deliver process excellence and become successful. A huge number of them face outright failure and a large number will be of those who neither succeed nor fail. The count of success stories is very less. After investing 10 to 15 […]

Kanban For Customers: How To Increase Transparency In Your Business

Kanban is a tool used to visualize, arrange, and finish work. It helps in the visual control of the whole process. It is a way through which a company’s process becomes transparent to its employees. Few perfect examples of Kanban are global shipping organizations like FedEx, USPS etc. The following methods help in implementing a […]

Lean Six Sigma in healthcare: What does it take?

Healthcare implemented an aspect of the process improvement strategy, a concept of Lean for quality improvement and cost cutting. In addition to cutting costs, the implementation of Lean Six Sigma in healthcare has improved the safety of the patient and reimbursement rates and established new standards around transparency. Organizations seek professionals experienced in Lean Six […]

Energy Companies Realize Environmental and Economic Benefit Through Process Excellence

A blend of process excellence with new technologies means that some companies are making advancements to look for sources of energy that are safe, eco-friendly and low-cost. A US based company adopted a technique that reduces flaring and captures more gas. This technique reduces emissions getting into the air and helps the environment, showing that […]