Show Me the Money! Calculating the Value of Project Benefits

For a Six Sigma expert, project benefits and process improvement hold great importance. Six Sigma methodologies play a major part in process improvement and achieving project benefits. Six Sigma experts categorize project benefits into many types. Some of the project benefits are mentioned below: Hard benefits: At the time of claiming for the hard benefits, […]

Operational Excellence: Customer Complaint Management

Technology centric companies like Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS), are developing complaint management into strategies to shut the loop on quality management. People’s complaints on unfavorable experiences help in spotting the quality issues. Only then they conveyed back to design, which helps in increasing total quality and decreasing the Cost of Quality. Complaint management helps […]

Murphy’s Laws of Process Excellence

The following lessons were learnt by the continuous improvement (CI) leader of a Fortune 250 company: Continuous improvement initiatives must be linked to overall strategy and have clear financial impact: As explained by strategic alignment, continuous improvement is a part of the Executive-level and/or Board goals. The possibility of success in continuous improvement reduces without […]

Best Practice Report: 8 Key Areas for Measuring Quality Effectively

Most of the efforts of the organization are focused on evaluating quality within specific supply chain or processes of product development. They also focus solely on results or finished products. A Collaborative Benchmarking study was conducted by APQC. This Collaborative Benchmarking study was performed by using enterprise quality management to drive business value. The purpose […]