How to Prioritize the Steps in Your Lean Journey

To overcome the organizational paralysis that comes from overanalyzing lean projects, manufacturers can benefit from faster implementation of solutions that are “good” rather than “perfect” with a commitment to leverage iterative development more frequently in their processes. It has become increasingly important to show rapid results along the lean journey. While this is critical to […]

Case Study: Applying Resource Modeling to IT Problem

Resource utilization is managed using models. These models are created based on multiple influencing variables or factors. The goal is to balance resources – including people and skill levels – to achieve higher service levels, lower costs and other benefits. Widely used across industries, resource modeling functions as an efficient decision-making tool. Some successful applications […]

Why Finance Can Be More Dangerous than Poor Quality

Henry Ford achieved world-class results with three key performance indicators (KPIs), none of which were financial. His successors’ changeover to financial metrics, on the other hand, caused the company to forget what we now call the Toyota production system. Henry Ford’s creation of what we now call lean manufacturing is an excellent reason to listen […]

Planting the Seeds – The Concept Tree

Many organizations have attempted to implement some form of project management into their organization with different degrees of success. Implementation success varies by the awareness and method to which the program was introduced, often leaving many feeling that LSS is just another flavor of the month. Once the awareness of the benefits that LSS can […]

Hoshin Kanri Helps Toyota Improve for the Long Term

When the 2008 Lehman Brothers bankruptcy triggered a global recession, Toyota Motor Company lost money. In December of that year, with a photo of Toyota board members bowing in shame, a New York Times headline trumpeted, “Toyota Expects its First Loss in 70 years.” “They’ve caught the same cold that Detroit has caught,” said Christopher […]