Manage Control Limits When Implementing Statistical Process Control

Statistical process control (SPC) is the application of statistical methods to identify and control the special cause of variation in a process. Control charts, in theory, are used in product and process development to analyze processes. When a process is shown to be in control in both an average and range chart the process can […]

Case Study: Increasing Machinery Throughput Without More Machines

Too often manufacturing operations are quick to look at a technological solution or other capital investment to solve a problem, when leaders already have all they need right in front of them. An investment in human capital can make quick gains for less money. Consider the following example. In the Midwest a manufacturing company with […]

How to Build More Impactful Centers of Excellence

The critical issue when it comes to COEs isn’t whether the work they’re doing is important to the business. It is how to ensure that their effort isn’t wasted. This article provides two recommendations for how to best leverage the Center of Excellence model in support of business results. Over the course of my career […]

Case Study: Maximizing the Response of Fire Services to Medical Calls

The City of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada, was formed in 2001 by a Provincial Order to amalgamate 16 lower-tier municipalities and one upper-tier county into one corporation. Although called a City, the municipality is mostly rural. The City is approximately 3,059 km2. Due to its large rural area, the City has 21 fire stations, comprised […]