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Hi All,

I have read on some webpages that six sigma projects can be done in Network Marketing.

Would request you opinion on:-

Point 1: What kind of six sigma projects can be done in Network Marketing? Has anyone done a project in a Network Marketing Business? If so can you please help me in identifying projects in Network Marketing Business.

Point 2: What is the scope to increase the network base?

Many Thanks,

Gurshit Singh

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Dear Gurshit,

Six Sigma project in Network Marketing shall relate to pain area based on barriers to network marketing growth. If you have been trying network marketing and you have reasonable amount of data for analysis, identifying a focus area should be feasible. Let me know if you have some detailed information on your experience till now.

Best Regards,


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Dear VK,

Even i am a networker, and do have doubt how to bring six sigma in this concept

according to me may be in training and motivational could be the project

Network marketing is completely a motivation concept. herethe binary could not be able to strategies as the base depends on individual independent participants (Distributor). As a whole while making a concept we could work on planning but here even the database could not help us to work on six sigma as it does not comes under a management control; but by individual distributors responsbility to earn how much he want…

Yes, if management is not stable to make its plan in such a way to take over their network markeing for a longer then it could lead to failure.

We can use six sigma even in network marketing?


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The best time to apply Six Sigma tools in network marketing is while designing the network marketing system. The company should carry out simulations, DFMEA, and benchmarking while designing the system.

Another opportunity to apply tools is to analyze data so that the right push can be provided at the branches in the system. However, these opportunities lie with the company planning the whole system and not with individual who are parts of the system.

Individuals can at best try and get opinions on what their branch members feel and then try to see if they can address the biggest reasons that create a bottleneck in the chain growth. The possible Xs are

  • Communication Quality that leads to meetings for presentations.
  • The quality and content of presentations
  • The trust inducing evidence that is used.
  • The support provided to network members for helping them to reach next level.
  • The promotional media mix (like bulk emails, sms) etc.
  • Ability to choose members who have networking abilities..

As you can probably understand, each factor above could be taken up as a Six Sigma project objective. There is scope for testing hypotheses, analysing data (especially if are able to get into a reasonable following network)

The opportunity of success through the tools depend on your level in the network and the obvious biggest scope for improvement lies with the company running the system (more scope in design stage as discussed earlier)

The biggest barrier generally is the belief that in any kind of network marketing, majority of members lose money and a small minority gains well at the expense of losing members. Most people feel "A member who induces others into the system stands a big risk of spoiling his relationships". Herein lies the biggest challenge for an individual networker.



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