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The Three Doubts- Need A Help

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1.Validate/Identify business opportunity and validate/identify team charter under define what does it mean?

Especially i am confused with the word validate. please help me out. I have just done my gb.

2. there is a new project (health care bpo) in our company whose mgr had asked for more manpower to meet the requirement. however the organisation want the team to take up the additional load as well. I am right now doing an observation in that project. How to proceed from here for a sixsigma project?

3. In the above mentioned process I found that if a notes plus tool (which we normally use for putting standard calling notes ) got introduced, where in the executive in the first stage can enter some valid info which can be referred by the executive working at the second stage which will minimize search time quite appreciably and enhance productivity. Now my question is introduction of notes plus tool in the existing process is DMAIC or DMADV? my thought is that it should be DMAIC. please help me out with all these qns. I'm totally new

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  • The word "validate" relates to confirmation. You need to confirm that you have the right team and a meaningful business case. The business case validation requires approval from senior management. (Which means that they see enough business sense in the project and approve use of resources)
  • The Six Sigma project goal can be - "Improve per person productivity"
  • If I were at your place - I would not consider introduction of a tool as a Six Sigma project, as this is a known solution for certain problem. Six Sigma should be used for chronic problems where cause and solution is unknown.

Best Regards


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Hi Pattabirama,

Hope following terms / concepts will help you in clearing the confusion.

Process Review : A set of activities whose purpose is to evaluate how well a potential product or service meets all Quality requirements.

"all Quality requirements means Stated & Unstated, Explicit & Implicit Quality requirements of user / Customer.

During this process problems are identified and solutions are developed and proposed

Process Verification : A process whose purpose is to examine conceptual output i.e. concept Product / Service and to use Objective evidence to confirm that it meets input requirements.

Product Verification may be done virtually i.e. without physically making a product with the help of 3d part modeling , 3d assembly, Finite Element Simulation , Process Simulation softwares or even using scintific calculator , excel sheet, Fortran program etc.

Example : Flight paths of all space vehicles are virtually tested since no country can afford the high cost to do a prototype testing.

Process Validation : A process whose purpose is to test Product / Service under service conditions and to use Objective evidence ( test results ) to confirm whether or not the product / service meets user requirements /needs.

Pl. note -- In Validation a physical product / service is tested under actual service conditions and objective evidence (test results) is used to decide conformance or non conformance of product / service to user requirements /needs.

Example : All critical ammunition and missiles are physically tested because " Reliability of Striking the Target " is important and has to be established. Here cost is not important.

Performing following simple checks will also help you a lot in taking decisions in your future projects.

1) Interest & Approval of Top Management : Is the project approved by Top Management

2) Adequacy of Inputs and Resources : Are the requirements adequately defined & do we have competent resources to safely take on the work ?

3) Product / Service Build: Can the Design be built and will it satisfy the user requirements?

4) Delivery to customer : Are we satisfied that the intended Product / Service meets the agreed requirements and can be delivered to the customer safely?

Also remember where to use a Hammer & a screw driver. Many times we have a tendency to propose or use Six sigma for routine problem that we come across. Use Six Sigma only for chronic problems where cause and solution is not known.



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