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What will a process map for a step inside another process map call?


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This question can seem a little weird, and the obvious answer will be, "Call it XYZ process map, dumbo!" But, I too thought about it and found out that it doesn't fit quite well when writing about both the process maps in one document.

Here is the scenario: I am making a process map for an order process, a very high-level one. But, then some of the steps involved can have their individual process map. And, calling an Order Process Map & XYZ Process Map portrays a picture of two different processes.

I was considering calling XYZ Sub-Process Map or XYZ Granular Process Map. But, I would love to hear from the experts out there. And, I am pretty sure I am not the first one to face this problem. Is there a standard naming protocol out there that I don't know about?

Any input will be greatly appreciated.


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Excellent question Syed. Many business excellence professionals have this query in their journey.  


The process and sub-process maps are basically different levels of process mapping. Sometimes, one needs to depict the process at a high level and sometimes one is interested in more details. It becomes difficult to capture all details in the same process map and hence we break it into separate process maps (and you may call them as sub-process maps :))


You might want to check out the following link to get more insights into the various levels of process maps.




Hope this helps!


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