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Impact of Lean instruments on business need answers

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Hello, my name is Arthur. 


I'm glad that I found this forum. I'm bachelor's second-course stundent of Quality Managment. 

Right now I have in process my study project about Impact of Lean instruments on business. I would be grateful if you devoted time to fill my Delphi method questionnaire. I'm guessing that someone of you all could be my experts.


On the 1-7 scale, please assess the impact of Lean on the business. Assess the most significant impacts with 1, the least significant with 7.


Losses  are avoided - 
Lean can be combined with other quality instruments to get better analysis  - 
Financial results improving -
Quality costs increasing - 
Product quality improvements - 
Increase customer satisfaction - 
Promoting business growth - 
Just put the numbers after the dash.

Thank You all in advance. 


P.S. Please do not delete I need at least 5 replies. Thank You one more time.

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Losses  are avoided - 5
Lean can be combined with other quality instruments to get better analysis  - 6
Financial results improving - 3
Quality costs increasing - 7
Product quality improvements - 2
Increase customer satisfaction - 4
Promoting business growth - 1

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