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Bench and Mark 7 - Perfection

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Bench is critical about Six Sigma and similar approaches, and thinks that these take long time. Bench also thinks that by the time perfection reached, the process becomes obsolete. Mark has a different outlook. He knows DMAIC is suitable sometimes, DMADV or DFSS is needed at other times. Mark also knows that other approaches exist and has a well thought out approach to problem solving. 


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Bench is wrong, We can never consider a process to be perfect in a fast changing environment. Six sigma projects not only improve process but also provide an opportunity for innovative / creative solutions.If Kodak had would have done a six sigma project they would have been the leaders in digicam world today.Six sigma projects shall help a organization to create products & services for future.Six sigma helps the process to be active/live and if not done then the process becomes obselete.

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Often people misconstrue about SixSigma just like how 'Bench' feels. Six Sigma approach is a good candidate when there is a problem or issue which is there for quite some time and the relevant team does not have a solution in place for that and that the stakeholders do have a effort, time and cost luxury to invest on that. Also there has to be a mechanism to         measure the effectiveness of the metrics/data to be captured. If this is understood, then 'Bench' can get enlightened.  Coming to 'Mark', having the right and capable measuring system and determining whether improving the process(DMAIC) or creating a new process(DMADV,DMADOV...) will get the requisite results, is what he has to do.  

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Although Mark's approach seems to fit perfectly with a well seasoned Six Sigma professional's way of thinking, it also sounds a bit like having a hammer and everything appearing to be a high protruding nail. 

While I may not completely disagree with Mark, I would say that a few times, we really need to evaluate the impact of Mark's approach. Sometimes, mature process, once thoroughly evaluated, can be allowed to "let go"

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