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Measures of Customer Satisfaction in Credit Card Sales

Vishwadeep Khatri


Q 72. Some of the commonly used measures of customer satisfaction are given below - 


  1. NPS (Net Promoter Score) - Loyalty and referral check. 
  2. C-SAT (Customer Satisfaction Index) - Satisfaction attained by the use of product/service. 
  3. Churn (Customer Churn Rate) -  Customer loss assessment.
  4. CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) - CAC is all the costs spent on acquiring more customers (marketing expenses) divided by the number of customers acquired in the period the money was spent.
  5. CES (Customer Effort Score) - Customer effort assessment in getting work done/ issues resolved. 


The usage of these metrics and their importance will vary as per industry and service. 


What will be your ranking for the five metrics (NPS, C-SAT, Churn, CAC, CES) as per order of importance for On-Field Credit Card Sales Process and why? 


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My ranking of the metrics for credit card sales process would be


1)    CAC 2) NPS 3) C-SAT 4) CES & 5) Churn


In the On-Field sales process for Credit Cards, the major objective would be to on-board new customers for which any company providing credit-cards should hold some number of sales staff to meet new customers and spend of telephone, meeting etc. The second most important metric would be to track the customer loyalty and referral check which helps us to understand how many new customers can we on-board based on the positive feedback spread by existing happy customers. Customer Satisfaction Index comes third as a few of happy customer might share his feedback which translates into referral again. In simple words a major part of NPS is from C-SAT. Customer Effort score comes the fourth as any dispute of help that a customer needs is to be addressed with priority and importance. If this doesn’t happen, would affect NPS & C-SAT. The least weightage I rate is to customer churn in Credit card sales as the process of selling is though dependent on the overall performance but the sales in particular doesn’t depend much on performance of the whole company(C-SAT, NPS & CES comes only after on-boarding the customer) which is why I have given the last preference

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  • NPS
  • CES
  • Churn
  • C-SAT
  • CAC


Since its on-field credit card, chances of meeting a combination of existing customers and new customers are high. 

Loyalty and referral is one of the attractive offers.

Addressing the CES “on-field” for the existing customers plays an important role for increasing the C-SAT and further churning.

CAC in this case is relatively economical compared to other platforms.


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According to my opinion the sequence for the five metrics will be as below:

1. NPS should come first as this truly reflects the overall customer experience in the journey of a product. We can have 3 different sets of out comes here : Promoters, dis-tractors and Passive. Since on field sales require massive face to face interaction with the customer this can showcase the real value to the above mentioned parameters. For e.g. while interacting with 100 customers we find that 60 customers like the product and they would also use the product for next 5 years they locality could be considered high (95-100%) , rest 15 customers are passive since they are only buying the credit card if it is a promotional offer and so we can discard them. the rest 25 customer's response is crucial since they have opted No for the product and they are real distractors and negativity of your product would spread as word of mouth to the other people as well. But the advantage would be that as a seller you would be able to find out the gaps in the existing products like billing cycle, offers, discounts and you could benchmark your product with the other products in the market.


2. Customer Acquisition Cost - An important parameter to understand the no of customers acquired after spending a certain amount. It can help to draw a trend analysis to understand for acquiring x number of customers what should be the range of spending.


3. Customer Churn rate - can be a useful parameter to see for a specific duration how many customers have stopped using the card and have done no expenses. A vital indicator to understand there is a potential loss of customer


4. Customer effort Score- this will not be much helpful here as this will be much effective once the product is sold out


5. CSAT- same as above


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In case of an objective to measure the customer satisfaction for the performance of an On –Field Credit card Sales Process  , the obvious situation is that the prospect customer has been approached by an on field sales executive/ agent.

Here, the potential customer is approached by the sales executive at the customer’s domain. It is noteworthy that selling any BFSI product requires a great effort, Hence in the quest to measure the customers overall satisfaction, following is the ranking I would suggest for the five metrics:

1)    CES- The Sale agent’s sales pitch and conduct determines the Customers experience and Csat and his subscription for the card.  It is important to measure how the customer felt about the effort / ease for him to comprehend the sales pitch and also the quality of the process flow executed by the agent. It will help the organisation to understand the effectiveness of the training provided to the executive and overall the effectiveness of the sales pitch. The organisation can also do an FMEA if and wherever there is no sales conversion- This also helps the organisation to estimate if there is any particular point, in the sales pitch flow, from where majority of potential customers are dropping out of the subscription.

2)    NPS- This will help the organisation to assess whether the customer is happy with the experience (Sales Process) and whether provides any other referral to the same executive. However, In case the customer buys the goods, his loyalty will also be governed by the after sales services.

3)    CAC- is important to understand the cost to acquire customers or entice customers to make the subscription. This will help to determine the COB.  

4)    C- Sat- Post sales services and benefits defines the customer’s satisfaction here hence I have rated it as the fourth measure

5)    Churn- In this case, where the sales process is completed after the subscription is made, the churn of the customer is dependent on multiple factors other than the sales experience,  like the post sales service and benefits of the card , hence it is the least relevant and the last rated option.

Having said that , The most important point that we must remember here is to make good use of the measures  and learnings derived from them and implement

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