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Vishwadeep Khatri

Cartoon Strip Contest Launched!

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We are initiating an exciting contest. Please read the following.

  • I have designed few characters for a cartoon strip that shall be a community co-creation.
  • I can design more characters if you provide some great suggestions. The whole idea of this strip is to relate our jobs with Lean Six Sigma and have some fun together.
  • I am thinking of having one strip every week based on the best idea received during the week. The comic strip created based on your idea shall carry your name.
  • You may start sending your comic strip concepts to me considering the following characters (actors). A strip may just carry two actors or multiple actors. Well, Banta can be thinking alone in a comic strip (as well).
  • A comic strip shall carry a minimum of two blocks and a maximum of ten.
  • You do not need to worry about expressions and drawings. I shall take care of that. You just need to provide the idea.
  • Let us co-create cartoon strips that have some great messages (some can just be plain fun)
  • Here are the heroes that I created - click on the image to see the description.

  1. Bhaskar is the MBB post-49294-0-89028100-1317895583_thumb.p
  2. Jeet is the Sales Head post-49294-0-52662600-1317895632_thumb.p
  3. Gautam is recently Green Belt trained post-49294-0-09880200-1317895671_thumb.p
  4. Banta was in QC. Got trained in Black Belt recently (but did not gather much) post-49294-0-92518800-1317904207_thumb.p
  5. Manik Bhai is the money driven Chairman post-49294-0-56770600-1317895706_thumb.p
  6. Param is the Oxford trained VP Operations post-49294-0-95688700-1317895723_thumb.p
  7. Mrs Hume is the HR Head post-49294-0-00657700-1317895737_thumb.p
  8. Sujoy is the customercare guy. post-49294-0-42905500-1317895747_thumb.p
  9. Lily is the Office Assistant who went for a different Green Belt program. post-49294-0-22092000-1317898852_thumb.p
  10. Isaac is the highly educated person from R&D. post-49294-0-02476000-1317898866_thumb.p

If you have read the introductions well, Banta is going to do some assignments at home and local society. I need to add some characters from his locality and home soon.

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Great thought and superb creativity.

You should add a CFO of the company as well, who typically is after Param to cut down the costs and takes a magnifying glass to validate benefits from a project!!

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