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Amazing 4 days OF learning the concepts of six sigma, in an encouraging way.

- Roshni Ganesan, Student, Arizona State University


The pedagogy was highly interactive and the course material was brilliant. The continuous evaluation with team-based quizzes kept the enthusiasm of the participants high throughout the 3 days. Thorough hands-on training on the Statistical software like Minitab would help us not only in Quality Management but in many spheres. Considering the current technological availability and customer(student) expectations, the teaching process is a very high sigma level.

Gautham P R, Student, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade – Kolkata


Not just a certification but a complete experience. Keep doing more programs.

- Areeb Shaarique, Student, MDI Gurgaon


A well-supported trainer who cleared our doubts at every step.

- Harish.S.S, student, st.josephs college of engineering


It was a fantastic learning experience at benchmark, 4 days whistle past like 4 hours, certainly one of the best places to learn lean six sigma from. It's only fun, never a serious moment yet a huge amount of learning.

- Sanket Shambharkar, Student, Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management


I liked the course and learned a lot from this. I would like to recommend this to everyone who is interested in learning six sigma.

- Anshul Nas, Student, IMI Delhi


Very good course to understand the concepts of lean, especially for operations people.

- Siddharth Jain, Student, MDI Gurgaon


The course was interesting and made me think a step ahead.

- Sinduja P, student

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Guest Benchmark Six Sigma

Following are some feedback of the management students who recently completed their training from us:


A must do training for one and all. The take away from the training is immensely beneficial.

- Prem Shankar, Student- PGD in Forestry Management, Indian Institute of Forest Management.


Certification from Benchmark Six Sigma can set you apart from your peers and it is a must for any B School Grad.

- D Santhosh Samuel, Student, NITIE Mumbai.


The training helps in understanding the basic concepts of carrying out six sigma projects at the workplace , hence useful to attend.

- Margret Minj, Student, NITIE Mumbai.


I hope and wish to come back to you for the Black belt if I am able to use this approach in health care in India.

- Priyanka Chaman, Student, Institute of Health Management Research-Jaipur.


The trainer is awesome and makes everything so easy to understand and comprehend.Six Sigma couldn't have been so easy but he made it very simple with practical examples and visual aids.

- Shefali Singh, Student, Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences.


The training was highly interactive and innovative.

- Abhay Vij, Student, Jaypee Business School.


A lot of knowledge imparted that will really help me in implementing the techniques in the company and also in day to day life. I am also looking forward to going ahead in enhancing my competencies in six sigma.

- Jyotsna Sharma, Student- MBA, Birla Institute of Management.


Interactive session with professionals from different specialization areas (networking) and amazing explanation of statistical tools by citing good examples.

- Shreshtha Kanojia, Student, Symbiosis Institute Of Health Sciences (Pune).


Benchmark Six Sigma is the right place to get the right knowledge.

- Shalabh Shrivastava, PGDM- Marketing.


The six sigma green belt training by Benchmark proved to be really insightful. A lot of concepts that we used on a daily basis were clarified. I am sure that this training can benefit anyone who wants to leverage their current skills and knowledge.

- Anchal Gautam, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies.

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Guest Benchmark Six Sigma

The instructor made the concepts crystal clear and easy to understand without loosing any interest with the help of Santa and Banta jokes.

- Kunal Chadha, Student.


A good course for fresher to change their outlook about industry trends and practices.

- S Mohamed Thouseef, Student, Noorul Islam University.


Before attending this course I was an Engineer but after attending this course I'm a Quality Engineer.

- Suganya Arumugam, Student, Periyar Maniammai University.

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Guest Benchmark Six Sigma

Feedback from the management students from some of the recent programs:


The subject matter of the training was comprehended and systematized. Six Sigma is a gateway to a new religion (culture) to strive for excellence.

- Nalin Kumar, Student, NIFT Delhi.


I liked the simplicity in the way of teaching the concepts that applied to various aspects of quality management.

I am pleased that I sacrificed my Christmas holiday to gain this lifetime knowledge which is relevant to managing and improving the profitability of establishments. I believe my return on investment will be massive. This knowledge is a must for all leaders.

- Okezie Uloma, PG Student, Dublin Business School.


Management students, if trained in six sigma in the earlier period of their MBA/PGDM course, would become managers who design processes with perfection at all levels.

- Godavari Krishna Tulasi Choudhary, PGDM Student, New Delhi Institute Of Management.


It really helps to know about how one can reduce much of the non-useful things that are done day to day in the life, in curriculum or in the industry.

- Nikunj Kanubhai Patel, Student.


Benchmark six sigma green belt course is really excellent. It will be very helpful even to enhance your day to day life activities.

- Ganesh Balakrishnan, Student.


Amazing course. The concepts just seem to seep into one by just following the instructor. The concepts and applications are very well packaged.

- Kalyan Turaga, BTech Student, VIT.

The practical examples given by the instructor was a very good experience for me (very useful for a student).

- Shivam Mehrotra, Student- Mechanical Engineering.

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The course content was very good and designed in an easy learning manner. With the help of real life examples, it became more understandable as we could relate to it.

- Vishakha Chandra, Student.


This is an excellent programme for healthcare professional which will enable them to understand processes and how to improve them.

- Rakesh Kaydalwar, Student.


Now I can at least understand how industrial problems are solved using six sigma other than just knowing it theoretically.

- Ram Pragadish J.R, Student, Tolaram.

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The degree of information given was immense and would surely be helpful in the future. I also appreciate the way in which the lectures have discoursed.

- Aditya Rajendra Bhosale, MS Student.


Very interactive session.

- Karen .R. Barretto.


Must attend the program for working professionals to get better than expected results for their company.

- Sharad Kumar, Student, IIT Kharagpur

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I liked the overall structure, design and content of the training.

- Sojwal Pohekar, Student.


The course was conducted propoerly and ample examples were given to learn the basics and to be strong in this ground. Our instructor was dynamic , charming and made learning easy.

- Sarada Prasanna Dalai, Student, Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode

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I appreciate the structured way of teaching and the time management. Very good sessions cleared many doubts which I had earlier.

- Amandeep Singh Gujral, Student, NITIE.


Very good use of tools and case studies to explain the things.

- Ankit Latka, Student, NITIE.


It was a very interactive session. Best part was the quiz where we really went through the probability :)

- Anupam Kumar Jaiswal, Student, NITIE.


I liked the teaching methodology and the material.

- Dhruva Kumar Roy, MBA Student, IIIT.


This program is the best way for a fresher to learn more about the business and management and the industry standards to follow.

- Kinshuk Das, Student.


The best part of the training is the delivery of the course, Scope of the course and case-driven approach.

- Pinaki Ghosh, Student, NITIE.


The GB workshop has helped me in enhancing my knowledge. We were exposed to some great tools which made the job far simpler with better results.

- Pradeep Chhabria, Student, NITIE.

It was great learning experience. The way course curriculum was structured and instructor delivered it in the stipulated time, it was a commendable job. I can proudly say that after this workshop, I am " Green Belt " holder (in the true sense ).


- Sandeep Singh Bedi, Student, NITIE.

Mr. Vishwadeep Khatri has a unique way of teaching six sigma concepts.

- Vinod S Magade, Student.


Before enrolling for Benchmark Six Sigma green belt certification, I approached KPMG, JURAN, ISI and much more to know about their brand name, faculty, post certification help, study material etc. But I found that Benchmark Six Sigma is the best among all. I have done the green belt and surely will do black belt from Benchmark. I can proudly say that I completed my certification from Benchmark Six Sigma.They are the undisputed leaders in SIX SIGMA training.

- Y Srikant, MBA Student, SIES College of Management Studies.


The practical examples for Six Sigma methodologies given by the instructor coupled with an excellent sense of humor! My only regret is that I should have joined the course a year back.

- Vishal Harshvardhan, Student, IIM-C.

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Great experience, will look forward to doing back belt in due course.

- Rohinish Chatrath, Student, IILM.


This course will bring some good changes in mine life…..

- Soni Agarwal, Student, XISS.


I liked the way of teaching as well as the course material and practice worksheets which helped a lot to learn real time, with the help of loads of practical examples and situation. Amazing method of teaching, though exhaustive but with smiles all around throughout 4 days of training. Learning in real sense.

- Vivek Abinav, Student, XISS.

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Benchmark Six Sigma not only inspires minds and facilitates excellence but also helps to understand and implement all statistical tools and method in industrial as well as real world.

- Prashant Avinash Nehete, Student, Alkesh Dinesh Modi Institute(Mumbai).


I liked the overall engagement of the trainer and the way of approach towards the subject.

- Nishith Dony Monteiro, Student(BBA), Radiance College.


The practical approach towards solving the problem, team work and dollar contest added interest for learning.

- T.Senthilkumar, Student, PSG College of Technology.


A good trainer and a good organization always provide u a good knowledge in whatever field it may be….Benchmark Six Sigma did the same!!!

- Ashwin B., Student, PSG College of Technology.


The course materials were crisp and the instructor conducted the classes very interestingly with a communication very well understood by students and as well as executives.

- R Ben Ruben, Student, PSG College of Technology.


The trainer was excellent and the session with my team mates and others were very interactive.

- Siddharth Jey Venkat.R, Student, PSG College of Technology.


The teaching methodology, course material, lectures- all were extremely good and a good source of learning. Of course, the trainer has done an amazing job, extremely well.

- Anurag Yadav, Student, IMT, Ghaziabad.


Benchmark has redefined the way Six Sigma is taught. The pedagogy and content used to relate to living practical problems.

- Varun Sehgal, Student, IMT Ghaziabad.

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A must competence that every student must acquire to become better than the best. You can consistently improve yourself and your work practice/ performance continuously.

- Ritwick Datta, Student- BE IT, G H Raisoni College Of Engineering Nagpur.


The Six Sigma workshop is an excellent and well-presented course that focusses on the applicability of this approach to almost any situation, and effectively imparts the skills and understanding that are needed to improve/ design robust products/processes.

- Ritwik Srinath, Student, NITIE- Mumbai.


A must do a course for everyone, be it a student of any domain or an employee either with the Govt or Private Sector.

- Sidharth Nayak, Student, NITIE- Mumbai.

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Quality of the training is much better than other training institutes. It worth taking up this course irrespective of the field of expertise.

- K.S.Arun Kumar, Masters in International Business, Hult International Business School.


This is the best training program which gives you entire overview about six sigma and statistics in less time making you think differently for better solutions with good accuracy.

- Rambabu Naik Ketavathu, Student, IIM KOZHIKODE.

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Excellent workshop, very interactive and lot of things to learn. Definitely much more than operations and can be used in all sectors be Finance, Marketing, IT, HR.
- Navneet Lahoti, Student, NMIMS Mumbai.


The training we have received has been an eye-opener! My biggest takeaway from the course is that Six Sigma is not just relevant to manufacturing and production operations. Just like it was developed with insights from across industries, Six Sigma has applications in all functions of a business in all kinds of industries. The instructor's style of teaching was instrumental in keeping the class engaged over long hours of the course.
- Alo Sanyal, Student, NMIMS Mumbai.


Benchmark's Six Sigma acts as a systematic facilitator to make us fore-runners with excellence & innovation.
- Saurabh S Deshpande, Student, NMIMS Mumbai.


This course provides you with the right tools to efficiently manage your workplace and prepare for all contingencies. 
- Anshul Chaudhry, Student, NMIMS Mumbai.


The company conducts the course with an excellent delivery and rich content.  Really appreciate the humorous ways of explaining difficult concepts.
- Arunima Haldar, Student, NMIMS Mumbai.


A must attend training for every MBA.
- Chaitanya BH K K, Student, NMIMS Mumbai.


The explanation of concepts with clear examples made the learning process easier and more engraved in the mind.
- Kriti Verma, Student, NMIMS Mumbai.


Very interactive and engaging teaching methodology.
- Kumar Mayank, Student, NMIMS Mumbai.


The business application of the framework enabled me to get a wholesome understanding of the statistical concepts.
- Manasa Sadananda, Student, NMIMS Mumbai.
Excellent experience. The teaching methodology was not at all tedious.
- Mandar Gopal Kale, Student, NMIMS Mumbai.


A well designed course which gives a clear and good understanding about the basics of Six Sigma.
- Nikhil Shiv Kumar Gupta, Student, NMIMS Mumbai.


Great presentation by the trainer.
- Rohit Ginoria, Student, NMIMS Mumbai.


What I liked most was the amalgamation of theoretical and practical concepts.
- Sudipto Sur, Student, NMIMS Mumbai.

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The course is defined in a way that it is extensive but at the same time very involving. After this course, I have got a deeper knowledge of the process improvement techniques.

- Abhishek Pathak, Student


Fabulous training was provided by Benchmark Six Sigma. I had learned statistics earlier but got the conceptual clarity on the matter with benchmark

- Abhishek Sinha, Student


Training style of Vishwadeep Sir and his unique examples were the sole attraction of the program.

- Akshat Srivastava, Student, Goa Institute of Management


The course is very well structured and covers everything from basics to advanced level techniques.

- Bandish Paresh Kachhy


The atmosphere, the place where the course is conducted is very good, the clarity of thoughts and the sense of humor of the trainer, the food.

- Sanket Shambharkar, Student


This course has helped me immensely to learn the practical side of carrying out a six sigma project. It is really beneficial in brushing up statistical skills and learning much more along the way. The instructor helped learn the basics very well. It was a joyful learning experience with real life examples, games and much more.

Anurag Sarkar, Student, NITK - Surathkal


Benchmark your career with Benchmark Six Sigma. Great sessions, great team activities, and overall great learning.

- Akshay Chintawar, PGDM Ebusiness, Welingkar Institute Bangalore


Lecture delivery was very good, made the 4 days of class learning sessions without losing enthusiasm.

- Nikhil Karemore, Welingkar


Excellent course presentation with a lot of humor involved while teaching, making it very interesting.

- Raunak Prasad, student


We, the Welingkar students are immensely happy to have undertaken the Six Sigma Green Belt course through Benchmark Six Sigma. We thank you for having given us a great fun filled learning experience.

- R.Preethi, Student, PGDM e-business


I am delighted with the training given by the organization. I am pretty sure my desire to work on black belt projects in manufacturing companies such as automobiles will come true after this training.

- D.Rama Lingeswara Sharma, Student, SRM university

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I'd highly recommend the training course to everyone with even an outside interest in Six Sigma. The faculty will generate an interest and resolve any known and unknown causes of misunderstanding.

- Asim Ahmed


The content is exhaustive. The pre-course material gives a good perspective for non-statistics students. The trainer is excellent - with GB, I also learned some business tips of working with clients from him

- Parag Mani


Benchmark Six sigma offers World class instructors with a lot of experience in six sigma along with informative training material for all its participants.

- Vidyarth Srinivasan


The sessions are very insightful and provide a better way of looking at problems and processes

- Aastha Saxena


Although not a big fan of statistics and initially thought I would get bored midway, but the amazing teaching style of the trainer kept me engaged throughout the session and helped me learn a lot. It was a greatly enriching experience. Well organized course and totally worth it. I would surely recommend this to all.

- Akshay Kolwalkar


Best lean six sigma courses with best faculties, really helpful to relate it to different practices in companies.

- Shreyas Naik


The trainer had the ability to make the topic simple and explain the logic and the rational. He truly demystified the subject. His sense of humor and wit made the class very interesting too.

- Chandrika Arora


"A must attend session.� A definite "Wow" experience in terms of knowledge gained and practicality of concepts to be applied

- Gayatri Chandrasekaran

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The course is very helpful and gives a full proof solution for any problem in the company or in real life situations. From last two days, we are talking and analyzing things around us in Six Sigma way!!

- Aditya Bhausaheb Abhinav, Student, IIM Ranchi


Vishwadeep sir is simply brilliant at explaining complex jargons of 6 sigma through very simple and intutive real world examples. This program has really worth every penny!!

- Kumar Prakhar, Student, IIM Ranchi


Thoroughly enjoyed the green belt workshop. The course content was very well organized, and the instructor Mr. Vishwadeep Khatri made the training very lively. Really liked his training approach

- Anirudh Prakhya, Student, IIM Ranchi


It is the course where fun meets the serious learning. You definitely get better learning experience than expected.

- Prabhjot Singh, Student, IIM Rohtak


Benchmark six sigma innovative ways of teaching can make the student learn and remember the same concepts in less time compared to other modes of teaching

- Praneeth Ankam, Student, IIM Rohtak


Anyone who wants to excel in their job in any industry must undergo this course. There is a general perception that this course is for Operations field which I feel is untrue. This is a more generic approach which can be used as a way of life.

- Aditya Hathi, Student, IIM Tiruchirapalli


The entire course is well planned and organized. You hardly deviate from the lecture with the kind of environment provided by the instructor.

- Sandeep Bodanapu, Student, IIM Tiruchirapalli


The time management, teaching techniques and above all the supporting examples were very good. Students could quickly connect to the examples and helped in understanding the concepts better

- SAURABH ATMESH PATEL, Student, IIM Tiruchirapalli


Six Sigma method and the real time cases that we discussed in the classes will be extremely useful in my professional life. I would recommend this as a must certifications to be obtained by all the MBA grads who want to specialize in Operation or Production

- Sharon Prasad, IIM Tiruchirapalli


The simplicity with which the course material is prepared and was explained by the instructor was very helpful in learning the basics of the statics and its subsequent application.

- Subhranshu Mohan Padhi, Student, IMT Ghaziabad


This is one of the best certification course I have ever done. I will surely come again for some other course.



This is for the first time I was attending any management related course. Although the first day was a bit confusing for me as the days progressed, many ideas were cleared primarily the way the trainer explains the details along with wonderful examples.

- Abhimanyu Sharma, Project Assistant, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

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The methodology was very interesting. Working in groups and the frequent quiz questions thrown at us kept us interested the whole time.

- Aaditya Chawla, Student, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade


One of the best teaching pedagogy I have experienced.It was a hectic 30-hour schedule in 3 days but engaging and innovative teaching methods ensured none of us were tired.

- Ankit Kumar, Student, IIFT Kolkata


The course experience has been excellent and I recommend every green belt aspirant to go through this course

- Ankur Kejriwal, Student, IIFT Kolkata


Every MBA students should do Six Sigma course-specially from Benchmark six sigma



Benchmark's six sigma is incredibly useful for those looking to climb the corporate ladder. It helps broaden the worldview and sharpen key concepts of budding professionals.

- C.Pratik Tatikola, STUDENT, IIFT KOLKATA


The course material and teaching methodology were highly interactive. The continuous evaluation with team-based quizzes kept the enthusiasm of the participants high throughout the 3 days. Hands-on training on the Statistical software like Minitab would help us in many spheres. Considering current technological availability and customer(student) expectations, the teaching process is of very high sigma level (:-P). Improvement suggestions may be provided only by future batches.



The training is worth every penny and every second that I invested in it. The methodology of the training is the icing on the cake



The Course Topics were properly aligned and the examples given by the trainer were very helpful in understanding the concepts

- Madhumita Patnaik, Student, IIM Kozhikode

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A teaching and a learning that is logical, methodical and applicable for any functions and when it's taught by such competent experts from the benchmark. It facilitates process improvement thinking and a perspective.

- Anirban Lahiri, Student, National Institute of Industrial Engineering


Facilitator handled the training very appropriately. Even a layman can understand the concept of his teaching method.

- Arun Ahlawat, Student, MDI Gurgaon


Great Job!! We as Engineers & MBAs only know how to gather data & tabulate it. But six sigma teaches how to use it & what it exactly implies. BENCHMARK SIX SIGMA way to GO!! "

- Navin kamalakar Bhatt, Student, Pune University


The training we have received has been an eye-opener! My biggest takeaway from the course is that Six Sigma is not just relevant to manufacturing and production operations. Just like it was developed with insights from across industries, Six Sigma has applications in all functions of a business in all kinds of industries.

- Alo Sanyal, Student, NMIMS


The company conducts the course with an excellent delivery and rich content.

- ARUNIMA HALDAR, Assistant Professor (Finance), NMIMS


Vishwadeep Khatri is an instructor who drills concepts with complete ease

- Divya Vasudevan Iyer, Student, Rizvi Institute of Management Studies and Research


The course teaches you how to dissect and process the available data in order to understand the existing problems and then rectify them in the best possible manner.

- Nirmal Kaushik Desai, Student, Rizvi Institute


The session is very enlightening and full of insights. The way it is conducted is very interesting to enable. Easy grasping.

- Alipt Saxena, Student, NITIE


The energy maintained throughout the 9 hr duration. Real life as well as interesting examples that were used to explain the concepts beautifully

- Amjad Ali, Student, NITIE


The way the course was conducted was very engaging and it was highly knowledge oriented with a lot of examples given.

- Chennamsetty Srikar, Student, NITIE


This is a course that transforms a qualified candidate into a strong and competent industry professional who has the capability to drive growth and development of the organization.

- Mazz Khan Pathan, Student, National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai


This course will make you realize the fact that six sigma can be so much fun to learn. Recommended if you want to apply Six Sigma concepts at the job and will be helpful in almost every domain.

- Saurabh Dewan, Student, NITIE


I would recommend every business professional to enroll in this course who want to understand the tools of Lean Six Sigma.

- Yash Deep Pandey, Student, NITIE


The learning I gained was not just limited to theory but practical situations were also understood well. I came to know that Six Sigma is not just limited to manufacturing but is in every sphere of life.

- Abhishek Kadyan, Student, NITIEi


The methodology is superb, the way in which the instructors relate the 6 sigma concepts with fun laden daily routine examples makes the learning even more interesting



Benchmark Course is very well designed and the instructors explain the concepts in a very practical and interesting manner.



The Course exceeded all expectations. The faculty was immensely knowledgeable and could relate the course to practical applications through their vast experience which made it all the more interesting

- Gunjan Arora, Student, NITIE


"The exhaustive and fun-filled course that essentially covers the basics and also provides a path for its implementation in daily life scenarios and practical industry problems. "

- Nilanjan Chaudhuri, Student, NITIE


The instructors were very knowledgeable, humorous and engaging, they kept us involved throughout the day without any drudgery. The course content was very structured and end-to-end.

- Siddharth Golechha, Student, NITIE


Fun-filled learning and simple techniques to improve productivity by reducing re-work. Also, the concept of Quizzes in regular intervals throughout the course will exciting and encouraged healthy competition.

- Soman Panda, Student, NITIE

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The instructor and his teaching methodology were great. He taught us complex formulas and concepts with simple and lively examples.

- Archit Jhawar, Student, SIIB


Benchmark Six Sigma gave me a varied understanding of quality processes, improved method, and continual application philosophy.

-Shreyas Nair, Student, SIIB


A good mix of humor and serious thoughts in class helped in better understanding of the course as a whole.

- Alok Singh, Student, Symbiosis Institute of International Business, Pune


Six Sigma Green Belt course is by far the most useful workshop that I have attended. As an MBA student it really helps in critical thinking and problem solving.

- Karthik S, Student, SIIB


Extremely informative and interesting sessions over the few days. Mr. Khatri made learning fun for the first time.

- Pranjay Dhanawat, Student, SIIB


It was just not all about presentations and exams, we enjoyed as there was fun involved in the class and a good sense of humor which helped the class feel lively.

- Anshika Dhiman, Student, SIIB


It is a very enriching and challenging course. Gives a lot of insights on various aspects of a business

- Geetika Dang, Student, IIFT


The course is a must, not only for students interested in a career in an operations field but for every professional. It was informative and exciting. It gives a good perspective to inculcate methods to improve any form of work in any organization.

- Navin Kumar Prasannam, Student, IIFT


The planning of each and every session is very good. Sessions are very interesting and the competition between group made us concentrate more than ever in the class.

- Sandeep Tekkali, Student, IIFT

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Peer to Peer learning made the entire program one of the best training programs I have ever attended.
-Sunil M.S., IIT Roorkee.

An outstanding methodology of teaching, the sessions are very exciting, great value addition.
-Ullas Vijay, Student, SIIB.

Only after going through Benchmark Six Sigma course one can realize the true value of Six Sigma process.
-K.Venkatraman, IIPM Chennai.

I am a final year MBA student from Symbiosis, Pune, my inhibitions before joining were - I am a fresher, would they cater to my requirements? They did and it was a great learning experience.
-Amandeep Singh Sandhu, Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies.

Benchmark Six Sigma trainer has exceptional clarity on the subject, he actually focuses on applying Six Sigma to the Training program too.
-Prema Juli Horo, LIBA, Chennai.

After going through Benchmark Six Sigma Training and Certification Program, my basic understanding and the various myths I had about it have transformed.
-Janani Ravi Chandran, IIPM, Chennai.

Six Sigma training with Benchmark Six Sigma changed my entire thought process, It gave a wonderful industrial exposure. All the concepts are taught in a very simple and effective manner involving a lot of practical application through case studies.
-Richa Arora, Delhi University, Delhi.

Benchmark Six Sigma Training has the best course material, presentation style & case studies.
-Mukesh Deshmukh.

In the corporate world, managers know the importance of Six Sigma, and I feel lucky that I have its knowledge before entering in my first job.
-Amit Bhagchand.

The format of the training was simplified and it helped me understand each and every concept in a very practical manner.
-Ulhas Dhyaneshwar.

The most interesting and fascinating thing about this training was the way of teaching and the way practical aspects were made clear by using funny examples of Santa and Banta.
-Gaurav Shah.

Thank you and looking forward to you meet you in BLACK BELT. It was really indeed a great experience for me to use statistics to hit the ground. I really enjoyed your teaching methods and techniques especially Santa Singh, never imagined he could make quantitative techniques so easy to learn. I had joined this course with an expectation that would help me in my internship program and now I am quite confident of using these techniques in my projects.
-Anand Kumar Thorat, Amity Global Business School, Hyderabad.

The Training structure is very good.The instructor is just superb in every aspect.
-Shivani Khandelwal, Student, MBA (Mktg & IT).

With the completion of green belt course, I enjoyed learning with our instructor with plenty of examples, in current scenario we can understand a problem with a great zeal only by understanding it with a parallel platform of examples. This is really something which is very essential for any one to apply whether in the day to day life or in the corporate world... it is very helpful in each and every industry to work with a great proficiency.
-Charitra Choudhary, MBA Student.

It is a must attend the program for every individual across different industries as it simply changes the way we think.
-M M Nikhilesh, MBA Student.

The way the course conducted was awesome. Highly lively and humorous. Doesn't matter professional or personal, lives can be changed with Six Sigma.
-Varun Dev Maradana, Student, Masters in Ind. Technology.

Green Belt Helped in the managerial process of learning/unlearn using the right kinds of approach and going deep into the research methodology and techniques, statistical concepts and improve the ability to do things differently.
-Anand Thorat, Student, MBA- Amity Hyderabad.

An essential topic for everyone who would bring a change in their organization and contribute to the profits, 
-Pavan, Student.

This was my one of the best experiences. I learned a lot about six sigma principles and I am sure I am going to implement them in my MBA project. This course will definitely help me gain an edge over others.
-Sridhar Kandra, Student, Siva Sivani Institute of Management, Hyderabad.

I, being an MBA student feel that six sigma certification not only enhances your problem-solving skills but also gives you an extra advantage during recruitment.
-Anindya Das, Student, MBA, NIT-Durgapur.

The level of interaction and the various team exercises that were carried out during the session made the four days really exciting and also helped to create a very friendly environment. 
-Mrudul Mhatre, Student, PGDM- IB, Pillai's Institute of Management Studies and Research.

Here it goes... " A GB from BSS is like exploring an unknown personal growth vertical. Simply put, unless I had pursued it, I would never have come to know what all am I missing and the tremendous potential of these methodologies in every industry."
-Abhishek, Student, MBA-Marketing, IBS Gurgaon.

This has been a great experience, in fact in my 2 years while doing MBA, these four days will stand out to be the most productive ones.
-Anup Dujari, Student, MBA Operations, Amity Business School, Rajasthan.

It gave me a comprehension of the Six Sigma philosophy and usage of specific sets of statistical tools to approach common business scenarios. Above all, to gain a linear perspective on the now-ubiquitous "System of management to achieve lasting business leadership and world-class performance namely 'Six Sigma' ".
-Arun Suresh, Student, PG (IB Management), University of Nottingham U.K.

With the help of this course, I interacted with so many proficient persons who helped me set my goals & future prospects....and after getting the certificate of six sigma Green Belt, it will now help me to get better job options.
-Ms. Rinka Jha: Student, Sanghvi Institute of Management & Science.

The subject content and the way of imparting the knowledge with the help of various practical examples was brilliant. Quality distinguished !!!
-Salil Kotia, Student, MBA, Amity Jaipur.

I really appreciate the concept, the content and the way in which the entire course was covered.
"Six Sigma- your USP in today's Corporate World"
-Lolita Mukherjee, IIM Indore.

The training has a good orientation and course content.
- Rakesh Raman, Student- MBA, IIPM(Chennai)

The instructor's lecture is very interactive and he teaches each concept clearly and in detail. He is a good facilitator. The main objective of this course is to know about six sigma and its process. His way of communication is crisp and neat so that every person can understand what he is saying.
- S Arjun, Student- MBA, IIPM(Chennai)

The training is structured very well...It's a kind of training which I had never thought of... amazing!!
- Vishwanath Reddy Atla, Masters in Engineering Management.

It was quite an interactive session with the basics nicely put in by a good facilitator.He had a deep knowledge and understanding of the subject with a nice methodology of training.
- Rachit Raman, Student- MBA(IT)

The training has got a good course outline.
- Shriraj Rawal, Student, KLE College of Engineering.

The exposure and the way they delivered methodologies and tools have been immaculate.
- Vishwanath Reddy Atla, Masters in Engineering Management, Northeastern University, Boston.

Really enriching course structure and workbooks. Must have tool for consultants!!
- Raveesh Khosa, Student-MBA, Schulich School of Business.

Benchmark Six Sigma makes Green Belt learning and experience to remember just by the way it is taught.
- Ashish Ghosh, Student-MBA, Schulich School of Business.

I had been using six sigma tools in my previous organization since past 3.5 years. The significance and rationale of using the same were truly understood only after the GB training from Benchmark. I am not just able to see a potential project for me in line, but I'm also able to wash off many myths I had about Six Sigma. I feel I would be able to apply these concepts in better management overall than just doing a project. 
- Nishant Jain, Student-MBA, Schulich School of Business.

It was highly synergistic.
- Sudip Das, Student- MBA, NITIE Mumbai.

Six Sigma has improved my understanding of Quality Improvement in an organization and the approach that needs to be used.
- Tanveer Hirani, Student- BBA, Kingston University.

The entire sessions were very interactive and thought to provoke.This was one of the most interactive and lively course I have ever attended.
- Fanny Mercy Ebenezer, Madras University.

Benchmark Six Sigma Green Belt certification program is handled by a thorough professional who has lots of experience related to multiple industries. He also gives simple and fun filled, interesting examples to laugh and also think.
- Sivaprem Sivasubramanian, Student- B.E Civil Engineering, Kumaraguru College of Technology.

The course is fun and very informative, with examples that can be related to everyday problems in companies.
- Sneha Sivakumar, Student, Viterbi School of Engineering.

"The training methodology was pragmatic with anecdotes drawn from real life situations which help in conceptualizing the subject matter."
- T.R.V. Pushpa Bhagyam, Student, University of Madras.

Six Sigma is a powerful technique that should be learned by everybody and the quality of teaching is top notch.
- Y.Godson Vimal.

I liked the statistical approach of the trainer towards the processes rather than being subjective.
- Rajeev Bhan, Student, IMHR.

The best training session I have ever attended.
- Gaurav Sharma, Student, M S Ramaiah.

The training was very dynamic, with group case studies and problem-solving in class.I even liked the instructor's way of teaching, meeting people and knowing ideas from a diverse population.
- Rambotla Santoshi Sudha Devi, Masters Student, USA Industrial Engineering.

The training was conducted in a very professional manner by a very expert instructor.It was way above my expectations!!!!!!!
- Mohammad Fahad Hussain, Student.

I really enjoyed the class. Even without any work experience, I was able to learn the process in a very good manner.It was only because of the systematic approach by faculty.
- M. Sudharson, Student-MBA, Periyar University.

Six Sigma course training is an important step towards achieving personal as well as company goals.
- Keerti Syed, Student- MBA.

The course was dealt with in an exceptionally professional manner. A great source to network with industry professionals.
- Akshay Deshpande, Student- Industrial Engineering.

Benchmark Six Sigma teaches you the way put Theory into Practice.
- Rupani Santosh Kumar.

Six Sigma has improved my approach towards problem-solving. Now I am structured and focused while solving problems.
- Wasim Nasir Student-PGDIM, NITIE.

I liked the way of delivering the contents of six sigma process and methodologies in an easy way by using interesting examples.
- Vijay Agarwal, Student - MBA, ICFAI.

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Guest Vijay Mohnani

The course is rigorous but worth it.

- W.Rufus Arunkumar, Student, Amrita School of Business


Excellent institute with highly qualified professionals to impart knowledge and skill to industry personnel and budding engineers.



Best teaching I have come across and the instructor is very knowledgeable.



It was a great learning experience and Benchmark has delivered its promise by providing excellent quality materials and providing education in a very interactive manner.

- Deeptapran Sonowal, IIM RANCHI


BenchMark Six Sigma course exceeded my expectations in imparting the knowledge in the green belt course.




- Disha Gupta


Benchmark six sigma is very systematic in giving coaching.

- Kounik Kundu, IIM Ranchi


Lean Six Sigma is a real next big thing in quality and process improvement.

- Mitesh Tulsiyan


Best workshop yet.



Loved the way the entire course was designed, the instructor helped us deal our doubts which helped us improve our knowledge.

- Parijat Sinha


The learning style is appreciative coupled with the concepts delivered. I hope to be able to apply this knowledge in future.

- Sharmi Roy, IIM Ranchi



- Yaamini Rathinam K R


I thank Benchmark Sig Sigma for providing me with greats insights in Six Sigma projects and making the concepts clear.

- Aayush Rastogi, IIT Roorkee





Nicely designed course. I am indebted to benchmark for helping me out learn lean six sigma.

- Mohit Awasthi


Great session delivered by the instructor. Awesome.




- TARUN KUMAR, doms, IIT Roorkee





The course is awesome which will help to enhance my expertise to deliver a project with zero defect and with high accuracy and minimum rework.

- Saurabh Srivastava, Institute of Management technology, Ghaziabad


Enjoyed the course thoroughly. Was able to understand and grasp the concepts easily. The ability of the instructor to relate a very aspect of the course to everyday examples which made understanding of the course easy.



Parag conducts the training in a very professional way, has a very deep knowledge and imparts the knowledge very effectively. Also covers the basics of all topics very well.

- Gulshan Dileep Raghani, the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA)


Great learning experience that provided a detailed and in-depth exploration of each step of the six sigma methodology. Very structured and systematic approach that enables easy understanding of the concepts. Templates that made it much easier to focus on the concepts rather than the manual calculations.

- Jeykel Fernandes, PSG College of Technology


Benchmark Six Sigma offers a good course timeline where each activity doesn’t overlap over the other. This gives more time to think and adapt to such timeline with ease and understand the concepts in the stipulated time. The group game activity is more interesting and converges everyone to participate in the session.

- Rakesh Mithun P, PSG College of Technology


Six Sigma Black Belt from Benchmark is the best way to improve your decision-making skills backed by the statistical inference.

- Madhur Pathak

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Guest Vijay Mohnani

This is more of an interactive course wherein people from different domains come together share their business problems and the instructor explains where to apply, how to apply the concepts. This course will clear your concepts and subject related doubts. the instructor brings in his expertise from different domains in explaining the business problems and application of six sigma in solving them.



Learned a lot from the four days program. Very useful and knowledgeable.

- S.K.BALAJEE, student,  Panimalar Engineering College.

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Guest Vijay Mohnani

The teaching and the way the course has been constructed is commendable.



Instructor-His way of teaching is great.

- Shilpi Gupta, Student, AIHA.

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Guest Vijay Mohnani

Blend of real-life and hypothetical examples provided by the instructor to teach the concepts. Brilliant instructor. Great quality of teaching and materials provided to us. Highly recommend this course from Benchmark.

- Kaustubh Bhanudas Panse, Student, Western Michigan University


I liked the Practical Examples given by the instructor and few experienced candidates in the batch.

- Snehal Wasnik, Student

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