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Suitable Time to get Trained

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I have around 6 years of experience with an experience in a BPO and as well as in IT company as a leader for global support and testing. Though I had completed my green belt in my previous organization I didn't have any kind of certificate to show the same.


So can you please guide me and let me know, how useful it would be for me going for the Black Belt or Green Belt Training program?

How good will the same be able to help me in future?



Farooq Renumanu. 

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Hi Praveen,


Six Sigma methods and tools are particularly well-suited to support the development of an organization's sales capabilities. Apart from identifying those activities which are critical to winning business, you can also improve the predictability of sales processes and results and thereby raise the level of performance of your sales force.


Six Sigma, when applied to sales, generates long-term, sustainable value-both for your company and your customers and brings a discipline and performance orientation that will drive business results to levels never before imagined.


A part time MBA would help you to grasp the concepts well due to your recent exposure to statistics & mathematics which is a part of the basic MBA curriculum.

There should be no second thoughts about it, Now is the right time to begin your Six Sigma journey by undergoing the Green Belt Certification.

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I am doing my engineering degree in electronics and instrumentation and I am in my pre final year at present.

will six sigma help me in my future career ??  can I do it on vacations ???

or only after my UG degree ???

will it be of use in my technical field ?????


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Dear Murphy,


To know how Six Sigma can be helpful for your career go through the following link


Six Sigma is practically applicable in all fields/industries check this link to know about its industrial application


To check the suitability of time check our event calendar


Visit http://www.benchmarksixsigma.com/institutes-students to know more



Nitin Raheja

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