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  1. I am heading field department in market research and we have a CATI department, where the telecallers call people from the database which is provided by our client or rarely generated inhouse. We call the data and after willingness and eligibility criteria we conduct interviews. Problem: Our Management feels that the cost per interview is very going high and needs to be cut down, they feel that the efficiency is not used correctly and there is possibility of leakages in systems resulting the cost. There is also a doubt that telephonic cost is high or lines not been used efficientlyHow do I cut down the cost per interview, want to identify loop holes where the cost is getting drained and is not been noticed currently, introduce a efficient system to get max output per caller.Want to develop a Six sigma project, to evaluate the current system, redesign the same to get efficient, inshort want to work DMAIC Please guide on how do I go ahead on the same. with regards Rajiv
  2. Friends, Would appreciate if someone can offer a BPO example (let's a say a call evaluation process) where Attribute Gage Study (Analytic Method) can be applied. The example offered in Minitab 15 is'nt striking enough......help will be appreciated....Gud times... Kiran Varri
  3. In a competitive business environment, people refrain from purchasing products toward which they are ambivalent or hold negative evaluations. This makes customer satisfaction very imperative. However, in a less competitive environment, the importance of customer satisfaction decreases as the firms have increased bargaining power. For e.g. consider you are dissatisfied with the services of any Airline. However, in purview of your convenience, schedule, availability of seats and substantial difference in pricing you might still opt for the same one. Do oligopolistic and monopolistic firms have a leeway when it comes to meeting customer satisfaction and/or service recovery to pacify the dissatisfied customers?
  4. Lean Six Sigma projects identification in BPO In a BPO, the following types of projects are commonly carried out. Reducing the number of errors for XYZ team to 0.5% Reduction of FTEs by 30 by process reengineering in XYZ team Transitioning support staff into billable slots after 3 months of stabilizing Ensure that 90% of the jobs do not require reworking for XYZ team Reduce sloppy errors to 1 per week day Reduction of IRR across XYZ, ABC Improvement of average productivity of XYZ Improve skill index of production staff across the company Achieve a utilization of 75% across production lines in XYZ Achieve an overall internal quality target 98% for the client in ABC Enhanced revenue generating opportunities by proper capacity management Improve the updating process of the client's databaseAchieve 80% capability among production staff to function at priority level Increase through-put by removing unitization QC processReducing the timeline of roll-out of new process Examples of companies who have been implementing Lean Six Sigma in BPO- Among Banking BPO's, ICICI OneSource, AMEX, BoA, HDFC have been benefiting from Six Sigma. WNS Global Services, Office Tiger, GE Capital are others who have benefited. Among users in the Call Centers GENPACT, Wipro, Accenture, HCL, EXL, Patni BPO have been utilizing Six Sigma methodology. Benchmark Six Sigma has been conducting in-house training and has tie up with several leading BPO's.
  5. How is Six Sigma different from other project managment guidelines namely, ITIL, PMP and Prince 2 ? Kindly advice
  6. Hi All, I am working as a manager for an outbound call center and want to know how six sigma can be helpful to operations/ what are the different options available for operations?
  7. Hai Everyone, I am a Green Belt certified, but could not land up in Quality role as i was not able to find Green Belt Projects in it. I am Manager heading a location for a BPO (2 of the 16 locations all over India) with process audit in my control and other functionaries. I want to start up a project in Green Belt and end up with implementing in my work and produce 100% quality to the clients. Please help me in finding Green Belt Projects and how to start... Regards, Chandrakanth M
  8. Hi, My name is Ravi,  I have started a project for my GB. Project is on Customer satisfaction. 1. I know the VOC 2. I know what are the factors effecting CSAT with the CSAT survey data which we get. 3. I have completed fish bone , XY chart . 4 . I need to start hypothesis tesing, how do i proceed with hypothesis testing. Need help.
  9. How to determine the right sample size for transactional quality in BPO/KPO industry. It should be different from the way we do for our GB/BB projects for improvement.
  10. Hi People, I just joined an IT company as a Quality engineer. I practically need to understand the step by step implementation of quality improvement process that where to start from, how to collect 'what', how to identify CTQ's, CTC and what tools can be used. The usage of the tool is the most important. Company & working details: IT company having its own product, which helps SAP to work easier. For example, in SAP the user creation process is very critical and having lots of validations and role assignment tasks. Here, we use software which can be combined with ERP and have individual products (softwares), which helps in easy user making, or resetting password, or conflict management respective to roles allocation, user monitoring i.e. execution of transactions etc. So I request to suggest me a start. For me right now, "what" is important, but most important is "how" !! Best, Salil Kotia salilkotia@gmail.com +91-8699338908
  11. Following tools are commonly used in Software Quality Assurance. Control ChartsCorrelation and Regression AnalysisHypothesis Testing - ANOVA, t test, F test, Chi square testNon parametric tests (for data that does not follow a distribution)Forecasting modelsOrthogonal arrays for test cases.Pugh matrixQuality Function Deployment All these tools can be understood well through a Six Sigma training program along with underlying philosophy and software practice.
  12. Hi All, I'm going to lead a project on reducing fatal/critical errors while taking inbound customer calls (BPO). I intend to identify the root causes for fatal errors and plug it thru various process changes. I'm sure many of us would've done project on similar objective..it'll be great if you can share your insight. It'll be great help in my project......
  13. Hi All, I have started a GB project in financial error reduction for one of our airline client, The problem statement is "Agent error on calls results in revenue leakage and customer dissatisfaction". leakage of revenue is almost double of permitted limit from client, and the goal is to achieve atleast 40% in error reduction. The project measured all relevent historical data and identified factors such as Tenure of Agents(3,9,12,abv 12 months) and Incorrect system activity. currently the status of Project is under Ananlyze & Improve phase. As per the lead, these factors are more generic to pick the improvement areas, so accordingly tracking method of error have been changed/improved. IMPROVED: CSR has been categorised in 3,9,12, Abv 12 mths tenure,and identified less than 3 mths agents and above 12 months agents have made maximum error, 1st action item prepared to have refresher training for above year CSR and process revalidation in progree for Job Training process for below 3 mths CSR. Need help on below case; Incorrect system activity(agent activity which could be anything related to system operation i.e more than hundred subfactors) is wide in details,so it doesn't look feasable to verify each and every subfactors. which type of further analysis or tool may help to resolve this? Process owner suggested to get the details by brainstorming from senior CSR/supervisor/Team lead, will be effective?
  14. Hi, I am a IT professional and from my experience and by looking at various case studies, it looks like Six Sigma tools like QFD, FMEA, Pareto Chart, Ishikawa diagram are the few important tools, which are mainly used across all six sigma initiatives in software industry I have not seen any case study in software industry, where advanced Six Sigma Tools like DOE or Regression analysis etc has been used or is really required.. Am I missing something here ? Is there any such example where advanced Six Sigma tools also come into focus. Most of the time, we have abundant data (incident log, failure log, duration log etc), which is analysed via Pareto and FMEA tools and finally Causal analysis is done and maybe this will conclude into some Process Guidelines or Automation as the end result. Please share your thoughts Thanks SG
  15. Some people feel that Lean Six Sigma training is not useful for HR professionals. HR folks work mostly with communication, motivation, appraisal, etc. There is little data usage and more EQ usage.
  16. Hi, I have taken GB Certitfication a couple of years ago. Now I want to go for BB and have been asked to build a case on how me getting trained will help the organization. Background: We are in to Agri Services. we are a small quality team taking care majorly of operations and process quality (non IT) No BB in team as of now. I do feel restricted sometimes with current knowledge but how do I correlate it with me getting trained leading to profit/ direct benifit for organization? Will appriciate help in getting some examples in non IT services (I do not know if it will be available in Agri sector) Thanks Anushri
  17. Dear All, I am working for a Health care BPO. One of our USA client has approached us for resolving their Accounts Receivable problems. Their A/R has piled up from 30 days during 2010 to 70 days during 2011. Also their bad debts/write offs has grown from 12% of charges billed to 26% of charges billed. The constraints are as follows: They are a group of hospitals, registered providers of Emergency Medical Services. They cannot deny treatment based on capacity of payment of patients because under EMTALA (Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act of 1986) they are not supposed to do so until the patient is out of danger, in other words stabilizes. Invariably the bad debts are from patients who are uninsured. Our client wants to to reduce the bad debts to less than 10% and A/R days to less than 30 days. Can anyone help me to design a six sigma model to solve this problem. Regards, Venkatesan Devarajan.
  18. What I know about Six Sigma is that it follows DMAIC process. Services are intangible and cannot be measured. Someone please tell me - How analyze phase works for services? How control charts / other tools help in this process?
  19. My friend is working with SAP technologies. Please send the insight details about 6-sigma methods in context with SAP.
  20. Hello Vishwadeep, I am a student and have my project in six sigma. i want to design my project in telecom field using DMAIC method. i am keen in "call completion ratio". Sir, can you guide me how to approach towards this. How to get a data for this and how shall i begin..? Thanks
  21. (READ THRU FOR MY QUERY AT THE END) Medical transcription is the conversion of voice files dictated by medical professionals, into electronic data files (TEXT) in a prescribed format. The severe time constraints placed on the medical fraternity during peak times and the concurrent documentation overload gave rise to the evolution of medical transcription as a separate function, supporting the core activities of healthcare. Data transcribed is in Black & White which itself is evident about Quality, hence making the process of Medical Transcripition Quality Sensitive. Here, factors like below average aptitude or untrained Medical transcribers (both QA & editors) are responsible for Quality below 99% (standard expected by offshore clients). Above being the case, can SIX SIGMA bring up the quality standards to a constant level into organizations involved in Medical Transcription business?
  22. My friend is currently working as a relationship manager with Indusind bank looking forward to become branch manager in an year or so, so in a way he shall be shifting from sales to operations, will Six Sigma be beneficial for him at this stage considering his goal? Please guide me.
  23. Have you used Six Sigma in large scale Global ERP implementation? How? Can you share some BPs?
  24. Hi, I am working in a private life insurance company as a customer service manager. I am interested in going for a six sigma green belt certification initially. I aspire to attain a quality analyst or process excellence position in a leading BPO/KPO industry. Would appreciate if you can let me know as to whether the same is possible for me since i belong to an insurance sector. Thanks and Regards Sohini
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