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Found 7 results

  1. I am heading field department in market research and we have a CATI department, where the telecallers call people from the database which is provided by our client or rarely generated inhouse. We call the data and after willingness and eligibility criteria we conduct interviews. Problem: Our Management feels that the cost per interview is very going high and needs to be cut down, they feel that the efficiency is not used correctly and there is possibility of leakages in systems resulting the cost. There is also a doubt that telephonic cost is high or lines not been used efficientlyHow do I cut down the cost per interview, want to identify loop holes where the cost is getting drained and is not been noticed currently, introduce a efficient system to get max output per caller.Want to develop a Six sigma project, to evaluate the current system, redesign the same to get efficient, inshort want to work DMAIC Please guide on how do I go ahead on the same. with regards Rajiv
  2. What are the areas where Six Sigma can be used in Market Research. How can Six Sigma help in Market Research?
  3. Can anybody help me with some tips to start of with process improvemnts in a new sales process , just a couple of months old. The process is into property sales...Let me know if more details is required.
  4. Six Sigma projects identification in Marketing and Sales In Marketing and Sales, the following Six Sigma projects are carried out. Improving customer feedback and response processes Improving advertisement effectiveness Creating better media mix (for advertising and sales promotion) Reducing response or shipment delays. Reducing or eliminating invoicing errors Reducing or eliminating damaged product Eliminating the possibility of wrong shipping Eliminating the possibility of incorrect loading or stacking in transport Reducing or eliminating out of stocks situations Ensuring perfect shelf arrangements Addressing warranties calls appropriately Reducing Customer complaints Reducing complaint resolution time Improving coordination and communication between sales, delivery, merchandising, and support personnel Improving Customer Satisfaction Index Improving the efficiency (conversions) in sales processes. Improve the forecast accuracy Control spending over time Improve Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) - the average time taken by a company to collect payment from its customers. Reduce electronic financial transaction costs. Improving specific aspects of client relationship management New market development Improving the pricing process Increasing branding effectiveness Improving channel effectiveness Improving lead management Enhancing service levels Examples of global leaders who have been implementing Six Sigma in Sales - General Electric uses Six Sigma to improve sales effectiveness by improving forecast reliability, pricing strategies, or pricing variation. DuPont is using Six Sigma in driving research development, product development, and applications. Bombardier has many Six Sigma projects growth projects to increase sales volume and sales margins. Professionals with business development profiles from following sectors have participated and benefited from our programs. IT Companies Construction Companies Life Insurance Banking sector Computer Hardware and Networking companies Petrol Stations Hotel industry Education Sector
  5. Hi All, I have read on some webpages that six sigma projects can be done in Network Marketing. Would request you opinion on:- Point 1: What kind of six sigma projects can be done in Network Marketing? Has anyone done a project in a Network Marketing Business? If so can you please help me in identifying projects in Network Marketing Business. Point 2: What is the scope to increase the network base? Many Thanks, Gurshit Singh
  6. Hi! Please elaborate & exemplify that How Six Sigma can be useful in the following areas - Marketing Business Development Sales Customer Service.
  7. Offlate, I see many buisness reviews/companies are talking about " Red Ocean and Blue Ocean Strategy" ( to give a brief note, red ocean is all about competing in existing market place, beat the competition, segment existing customer etc, and where as Blue ocean talks about creating uncontested market space, make the competition irrelevant, value innovation etc. ex: invention of Ipod). An organisation, which thinks in the above lines, how do you implement six sigma methodology to help in value innovation and to make the competion irrelevant? Please share your views.
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