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  1. Check this debate between Bench and Mark on announcing winners for a contest. Is Bench incorrect here? Description - There is an announcement that the results for Men vs Women contests are about to be announced by Bench an Mark. The reward is to be given to better performing gender. To add spice to the contest, men and women had been divided into younger and older folks. Bench comes on stage and says that he will announce the result with some analysis. He explains that younger men have done better than younger women. He then goes on to show that older men have also done better than their older counterparts. With this analysis, he concludes that men have won the contest. Dramatically, Mark comes in and announces that the final winners are women. Bench argues with Mark saying that men were better in both the categories. Mark says that overall percentage pass rate of women is better than that of men and shows the aggregate scores. Mark highlights that the award was meant for better overall performance. Bench cannot figure out how this makes any sense. Bench continues to think that if there are only two categories possible and men did better in both, men should be considered winners. The cartoon highlights a possibility of misrepresentation that exists in many analyses, especially where sub-grouping is done and subgroups are analysed. Feel free to discuss this below.
  2. VUCA - Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity - relates to our knowledge and predictability about the situation. Bench thinks VUCA requires ad-hoc measures, while Mark is convinced that Lean Six Sigma approaches are suitable for VUCA. What do you think?
  3. Bench's company has been working hard and making small cost reductions year on year while Mark's company created a new offering that brought down the cost drastically. Mark's team used the power of DFSS. DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) is a methodology that is used for designing new products and services. This methodology is not very popular as only companies with long term thinking can make good use of it. A small number of our clients ask for DFSS and then make sure they design robust products and services to take a lead in the market place.
  4. Description - Bench happily highlights that while planning his career, he had considered the choice between being a Generalist or a Specialist early in his life. Mark wants to know about the decision that he took. Bench says that he decided to keep options open for himself and proclaims himself as a "very general Generalist". After listening to Bench, Mark says that he has realized that he has taken a path different from the two options. He considers himself as a "specialized Generalist" or what can be considered as a "generalized Specialist". Bench want to understand what this means. Mark explains that he is a Business Excellence Master Black Belt. He calls himself a generalized Specialist as he specializes in problem solving which he can do in any sector. He further explains that he could be considered a generalist too as he can work with large variety of processes but in a specialized way. This cartoon depicts that Lean Six Sigma and Business Excellence competencies allows one to be specialized without dependence on a specific industry or functional domain.
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