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  1. Hemant P. Singh

    Jan-March 2019

    This album contains Benchmark Six Sigma Training Photographs from January to March 2019.
  2. Hemant P. Singh

    Oct-Dec 18

    This album contains Benchmark Six Sigma Training Photographs from October to December 2018.
  3. Hi Shuriti, Lean Six Sigma learning can impact your future in several ways- 1. Enhanced ability to make the right decisions - Professional and business success depends on this. Lean Six Sigma provides a set of world’s best decision approaches that have proved their worth in a wide variety of settings. It pays to learn these techniques. 2. Personal worth - People who are able to solve key problems systematically are the most sought people in an organizational setting. 3. Engaging others – It is possible for you to facilitate action based team learning if you gain this competence. Lean Six Sigma training is a kind of leadership training. 4. Improvement expertise - You can succeed with process improvement initiatives (in any industry or function) if you begin with the right fundamentals and build up the blocks well over them. You can explore more here- https://www.benchmarksixsigma.com/forum/forum/161-business-career-impact/ I would suggest you to call us at 9811370932 to know more about Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.
  4. Hemant P. Singh

    Information Technology

    "Overall the program was good with all the activities and knowledge sharing session." - Nelson Dass, Senior Client Service Consultant, Allscripts
  5. Hemant P. Singh


    "This concept is applicable in various different processes. The trainer was good with relevant content." -Anurag Mishra, Food Safety, Mars Inc
  6. Hemant P. Singh


    "The program is well documented and delivered. Highly recommended for both fresh as well as seasoned professionals." -Rajesh Dhote, Plant Manager, Barry Callebaut
  7. Hemant P. Singh


    "The best part of the training were the principles that could be utilized in the orgnaization to improve quality & revenue. Trainer provided the best guidance on the Green Belt curriculum." -S. Ashok Kumar, Executive, RR Donnelley
  8. Hemant P. Singh

    Financial Services

    "The way the course covered all the key aspect points for the Green Belt was best. If you want to excel in Green Belt, this is the best course center to join!! Thanks to the Trainer who taught us the course in an easy understanding manner." -Nandha Kumar S, Subject Matter Expert, Equiniti India Pvt Ltd
  9. Hemant P. Singh


    "Trainer was to the point and have excellent way of explaining things whenever there is a doubt from the trainees. The training content of the course about DMAIC concept was good." - Kavitha Balasubramanian, Team Lead, Mckinsey & Company
  10. Hemant P. Singh

    Feedback from Logistics, Supply Chain and Retail

    "The Training was very interactive and having a detailed insight with hands on practice." -Ramon Sumesh, Catalog Associate, Amazon
  11. Hemant P. Singh


    "Trainer has very good knowledge and specially the way she quotes the examples are so quick and realistic. Appreciate it. The course is excellent to learn as it will help us to improve the way the current process is going in our day to day business." -Dhana Priya P, Cluster Lead, Mckinsey
  12. Hemant P. Singh


    "Trainer's involvement and constant reminder of the critical thoughts and ease of making them to remember was the best part of the training."- Vanchinathan M, Assistant Manager, SourceHOV
  13. Hemant P. Singh

    Feedback from Healthcare

    "The trainer has excellent delivery skills and good command on concepts. Benchmark Six Sigma is the best institute for Six Sigma Training."- Vyankatesh Maitri, Quality Analyst, Gebbs Healthcare
  14. Hemant P. Singh

    Feedback from Healthcare

    "Excellent method of teaching, explained each & every topics with relevant examples." -Sangita Patil, Team Lead, Gebbs Healthcare
  15. Hemant P. Singh

    Feedback from Healthcare

    "Lots of relevant examples were used to cover all the phases of the training. The best part was the concept of graphical tools." -Geetanjali Apte, Assistant Manager, Gebbs Healthcare