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  1. Defect Concentration Diagram / Problem Concentration Diagram is one of the "Magnificent Seven" SPC tools. It is also referred as Location Plot or Defect Location Check Sheet. Defect Concentration Diagram is a graphical tool that is used in analyzing the causes of the unit defects. It can be used and applied to any process, it shows the picture of the unit/product (or item of interest) and associated defects in the unit, in all relevant views. Location and frequencies of various defects are clearly given in visuals. Defect data segregated based on location. The diagram i
  2. In this context, HiPPO refers to Highest Paid Person’s Opinion. HiPPO Effect in simple terms is when a group of people trying to make tough decisions and relying more on opinion rather than on data analysis. Executives at the top of the organizational pyramid, typically who are paid more, expresses what they think. It would be difficult to disregard Highest Paid Person’s Opinion and it would be risky in organizational environment. Below are some of the effects of HiPPO: Effect could be very subtle It could lead to Reverse Engineering, approac
  3. CTQ (Critical to Quality) Tree is used to drill down to a more concrete project goal. It starts with wider project goal and works downwards to identify “Critical” factors that is required in achieving the goal. In simple words drill down generic goal, identify specific and measurable necessities to improve performance. It translates customer needs to Meaningful, Measurable, and Actionable metrics. Approach: Step 1: Identify Critical Needs "What is critical for this product or service?" Brainstorm needs with key stakeholders Step 2: Identify Quality Requi
  4. IPO (Input-Process-Output) FAT (Flow, Accuracy, Timeliness) IPO-FAT is one of the effective techniques to evaluate and identify potential improvement opportunities in the service area. It is used to Identify and explore opportunities Brainstorm Pilot and device improvements Build control to measure and sustain improvements. As divergent to QFD which prioritizes existing and known opportunities, the IPO-FAT method can help a team to identify new and different opportunities which is not considered previously It is effectively used u
  5. Multicollinearity is a statistical phenomenon. It happens when several independent variables are highly correlated, However not perfectly correlated and In this situation we get regression results to be unreliable. In the above example, we could see how and to what extend does Consumer Price Index and Inflation Index can predict the rates. There is a considerable overlap between Consumer Price Index and Borrow Rate and Substantial overlap between Inflation Index and Borrow rate. Now, because there is a significant overlap between Consumer Price Index and Inflation Index
  6. 自働化 - Jidoka - Autonomation Simply means process automatically halts when there are non conformities/irregularities/abnormalities in the system and it can also act as early warning device in manufacturing unit Andon light system is one of the Vital component in Autonomation. In the below reference pic, Andon is used as Visual Management tool to know the status of the production. Legend reference: Green - All Good, Normal Operation > Proceed further Yellow - Warning - Issue Identified, require attention > CAPA required Red - Producti
  7. Kubler-Ross Change Curve is a version for crossing the transition between - Change initiation to reaching overall goal. It describes the emotional journey that people undergo when coming across with change and transition. Below are the typical emotional change over’s Shock Denial Anger / Frustration Depression Experiment Decision Integration / Acceptance This can be viewed in 4 broad stages: Stage State Reaction
  8. In six sigma - DMAIC methodology goals should be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound and the goal of the project should be aligned to the issue/problem that we are trying to solve. A in SMART, Referring to - Attainable, Agreed upon, Achievable, Acceptable, Action-oriented Attainable is the important element and needs to be considered thoughtfully. Attaining defect % of less than 1% from 50% might not be possible in the due course of the project with out knowing the causes and the solution path. Below are few questions that can be ask
  9. Benford's law also referred as first digit law highlights about distribution of digits of randomly collected numbers to be in non-uniform way, especially the digit 1 tends to occur with probability of around 30%, which is much greater than expected 11.1% (1 out of 9 leading digits) Flip side, Non-naturally occurring data would have pre-defined number like Zip Codes or Universal Product Code (barcode symbology) for instance. Computer-Generated Numbers using Rand() does not follow Benford's law Scientifically, this Law is based on base-10 log that shows the p
  10. Decision Making can be combination of Logic and Emotions. Analysis paralysis is Overanalyzing/Overthinking (Drowning in Data) Extinct by Instinct is taking decisions by Gut reaction (Disregarding the Data ) Overanalyzing or Overthinking can hinder the productivity It lowers performance on mentally demanding jobs There is high possibility that overthinking can kill creativity It pulls willpower of the individual It makes people less happy Organizations carrying excessive formal analysis is labeled as “dialogue of the deaf,” the “vicious
  11. #KeepItSimple If you have got the Bright idea, you have to cash it to get it go. Elevator pitch is the term used for less than 2-minute presentation, the time it takes to go from Lobby to the office floor, used to catch the attention and interest of the sponsor. Points to remember: Keep it simple and put it effortless and natural No need to close the deal in the elevator pitch, it’s all about grabbing interest Keep it ready, set and prepared Below are 10 Do's and Don’ts that can keep your pitch SMART. Do's: First and F
  12. With reference to Weight of Ox, Galton discovered that average guess was awfully close to the actual weight. Sporadically, it makes sense to go with guess from crowd intelligence, specifically when there is no scale, or when the measurement is expensive or when it is time-consuming for accurate measurement. Few considerations and points to be factored before we rely on this method would include the below pointers: Diversity of opinion Independence of opinion Trusting the group to be fair in terms of giving the opinion Should be cautious of Groupthink
  13. Kaplan Meier Estimator / Product Limit estimator is used mostly in medical and pharma research. It estimates survival function from the recorded data to analyze and estimate post treatment performance. It is also used in non medical fields to measure time, performance, and other metrics of interest post an event. Survival analysis is used to analyze time duration and numerical variables [Time from origin event to the occurrence of event of interest (it can be improvement, death, etc...) The estimator is plotted over time and the plot curve is referred as Kaplan-Meier cur
  14. Ensuring Compliance and Risk Mitigation are vital elements in organizations Fraud Detection and Risk Management Framework Fraud Detection is inevitable in organizations because “Undetected fraud encourages more fraud” In banking environment, Fraud Detection and Prevention are done more proactively compared to other domains. Below are some of the methods followed to detect frauds: Using Intrusion detection systems – It is passive system which monitors and notifies user Transaction monitoring for any suspicious activity and operating procedure violations
  15. 自働化 - Jidoka - Autonomation Simply means process automatically halts when there are non-conformities/irregularities/abnormalities in the system Andon light system is one of the Vital component in Autonomation. In the below reference pic, Andon is used as Visual Management tool to know the status of the production. Legend reference: Green - All Good, Normal Operation > Proceed further Yellow - Warning - Issue Identified, require attention > CAPA required Red - Production halted > Issue not identified; Immediate Supervisor inspection and R
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