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  1. While I didn't personally work on a similar improvisation project, I did witness my organisation deploy a permanent solution to this kind of IT ticketing issues. While working with a 3rd party logistics company, ensuring the availability of all systems is key given that all the warehouses were spread across various countries across the world and the key IT administration teams were located at major offices. Even when someone from the IT admin team is always available given their global presence covering the global time zone, the company  adapted a process to analyse the types of tickets, time taken for issue resolution and the trend of these parameters across the company every quarter. This helped them identify the most common occurrences for the major tickets and find a resolution for this and implement it immediately, which resulted in the decrease of total number of IT infrastructure related tickets by a whopping 25% in the next quarter. This approach also, made the company switch to a different service provider after identifying the root cause of major issues was due to the lack of proper SLA establishment with the previous service provider and also the previous provider not agreeing to the new requirement. This eventually showed a constant decreasing trend in the IT admin related tickets each quarter and improved the system availability drastically. 

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