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  1. Vijay Mohnani

    Automation, Projects and Other Services

    Yes - "Benchmark lives by its name, in the truest sense! Best place for getting a clarity on your concepts and gaining quality knowledge!" Very well delivered. If I make through to the next level, I will definitely consider Benchmark again. - Aditi Srivastava Liked the trainer's method of teaching and explaining. Absolute satisfaction and excellent training conducted by Anurag Jain. Very engaging and concentration on each participant. - Amrita Ray Liked the blend of case studies and the theoretical aspects. - Deepak Sharma The best part was that I could attend the classroom session instead of online learning. My overall learning was good with Benchmark Six Sigma. - Manisha Srivastava A simple way to make us understand the concepts.Simple and great workshop. - Rahul Vishal, Quality Business Specialist, Bertelsmann Marketing Services The training session was easy of understanding. - Sahil Kapoor, Senior Consultant, KASPL Liked the study material and Trainer clarity on the subject and delivery. - Sunil Kumar Rai I liked the training's practical and interactive part. - Vidit Kamboj, SKC Consulting Liked the good knowledge of the facilitator. - Vikash Kumar Liked the real-life example sited by the trainer during the program. - Ankit Gautam Liked the way the subject is delivered to us. Interaction of the trainer, and the pattern of teaching. - Mouktick Dasgupta, Management Trainee It is best to get upskilled incorporate courses, I would Like to get trained for Blackbelt from Parag Mehta. - Asha G Shenoy, Quality Analyst Excellent training highly recommended. - Divya. L. Paul Excellent instructor who is able to simplify and explain even complex topics. - Manish Vanotra I liked the way the explanation of the concepts delivered and knowledge shared with examples. - Mr.Santhosh Kumar S Liked the way training was done by the trainer. It was nice being the part of this training. - RENUKA SAJEESH Liked the way it was structured and taught, instructor approach to explain the concept and making participants understanding without difficulty. The program is very good, the program structure makes it easy to understand concepts. - SATHEESH Y A I am very happy to have attended this Lean Six Sigma GB training, Although it was fast-paced, I could understand the important points easily. - GANESH K, COUNTRY MANAGER Overall it was a Good Experience. "Best institutte for best people". - HABID BASHA J, Team Leader Liked the presentation skills of the instructor. - Shashank Buchke, Freelancer
  2. Vijay Mohnani


    Good workshop. 4 days well spent. Simple presentation of topics. Effective involvement of all trainees. - Jojo V V, Senior Executive, Terumo Penpol Pvt. Ltd Liked course content & practical examples shared. Just awesome, like the way he explains difficult topics by giving simple practical examples which are easy to understand the remove the fear of understanding the topic. "GO for Benchmark". - Sandeep Rangrao Patil, Deputy Manager, Barry Callebaut India Pvt Ltd. Interactive, Friendly instructor. He gave very good realistic examples to explain the concept. Value-added training for all engineering community. - Shrikant Barhate, Director, Yanfeng automotive Interior Ind Pvt Ltd LIKED THE WAY IT HAS BEEN TAUGHT. - Vikas Choubey, Quality Assurance Engineer, Agya Auto Limited
  3. I liked the facilitator's methodology of explaining easy to understand examples. - Ruma Khandelwal, Manager- MIS, JLL Excellent program for who are all want to gain more knowledge on a systematic approach. - Ajith kumar. P, Jr. Engg, Flex India PVT Ltd. Everything in the training was perfect. - Ashokrajan R, Engineer, Flex Liked the trainer and his teaching methods…. Especially his transfer of knowledge... An excellent way of coaching!!!!! Especially for those who come for this training from Engineering and Quality background its absolutely valuable way of getting more knowledge..!!! Thanks, Benchmark & Mr. KIDAMBI SRINIVASAN. - RAJESH BALACHANDRAN, Junior Engineer, Flex
  4. Vijay Mohnani

    Information Technology

    It's vast and exhaustive and gave good knowledge on improving things (Involves day to day). It's a good training program and definitely worth it. - Mahesh, Program Manager, Lenovo India Pvt Ltd The delegation of the knowledge was excellent and very interactive. Superb execution of Six Sigma Green Belt Course, Excellent interaction, and approach by the Instructor, making the learnings and application of the learnings very easy to understand. Fantastic approach and learnings shared. Superb interaction and jolly nature, very enthusiastic and positive approach. - Anoop Kaur, Business Consultant, Arezzosky Pvt Ltd
  5. Vijay Mohnani

    Hotel, Travel, Airlines

    Explanations with practical example make to understand easily. Best ever training attended. Mr. Anurag carries a great wealth of knowledge and experience. He carried all the participants with different expertise along with him all four days with great enthusiasm. Definitely, he has done a great job. - V.P.Jeyan Prabu, P&E and Project Manager, Nourison Hospitality
  6. Vijay Mohnani

    Feedback from Healthcare

    Liked the practical knowledge and case studies from the various service industry and interactions using live examples. The institute which provides insights in to lean sigma concepts in an easy way so that it's easy to understand and practice in day to day practice - Ankita Sood Sharma, Quality Officer, NMC Healthcarae LLC Training was exceptionally good with examples and learned some methods where the quality of the process can be improved. - M ARUN TEJA, Assistant Manager, Omega Healthcare Management Services Pvt. Ltd.
  7. Vijay Mohnani

    Financial Services

    The training facilitated was really nice, and relatable which eventually would help me implement them in a smooth manner - Karan Sharma, Sr. Group Manager, Encore Captial Group The trainer was very knowledgeable I liked his way of teaching. - Kapil Anand, Sr Group Manager, Encore Capital Group Contents and study materials are really good. - Dwaipayan Sengupta, Senior Manager, Exide Life Insurance Co Ltd
  8. Vijay Mohnani

    Armed Forces and Government

    It was a Systematic approach of delivering the overall training. - Pankaj Varshney, Assistant General Manager, RattanIndia Solar Ltd Liked the trainer's subject knowledge, the course was nicely designed, the structure of the training is commendable. - Mohit Kapoor, Senior Analyst, Ramboll
  9. Vijay Mohnani

    Students pursuing Professional Courses

    Blend of real-life and hypothetical examples provided by the instructor to teach the concepts. Brilliant instructor. Great quality of teaching and materials provided to us. Highly recommend this course from Benchmark. - Kaustubh Bhanudas Panse, Student, Western Michigan University I liked the Practical Examples given by the instructor and few experienced candidates in the batch. - Snehal Wasnik, Student
  10. Vijay Mohnani

    Automation, Projects and Other Services

    I liked the Analysis part & Graphs. - Jasmine Shaikh, Quality Analyst, Concentrix Pvt Ltd.
  11. Vijay Mohnani


    Liked the examples given by the instructor made easy to understand the concepts and fun. - Deeksha Gunda, Engineer, Renault Nissan Technology Business center India Ltd. Liked the overall course structure. - Vivek Sahasrabuddhey, Director - Product Definition, Consumer Insights & Market Research, General Motors India
  12. Vijay Mohnani


    Liked the Real Life and Industry based examples. - Mohamad Sarik Hussain Sumra, Quality Assistant Manager, Intelenet Global Services Pvt Ltd Liked the way of training. The best place to learn Six Sigma in Bangalore. Excellent way of presentation. - Sumuk Bhat H.G, Senior Process Executive/Quality & Production, Ion Idea Enterprises. PVT. LTD Liked the way of steps covered and the example. - Balamurali.G, Senior associate, WNS global service private limited The faculty is experienced and nicely related and explained the concepts. Good place for GB Training with experienced faculty. - Padmapriya Krithivasan, Team Leader, IQ Back Office Pvt Ltd
  13. Vijay Mohnani


    I liked the study material and overall approach of the trainer. - Diamond Antoo, Deloitte Consulting, India The course was completed quite well in a short duration. The trainer was polite and we learned quite a lot in a duration of 4 days! - Anmol Singhal, Consultant, Deloitte Consulting, India I liked the training because it was very interactive and leveraging case studies. - Ashish Kumar, Consultant, Deloitte Consulting, India I liked it because the training was well structured and well paced. - Dinakar Thangamuthu, Consultant, Deloitte Consulting, India The instructor is very intuitive and personal. The instructor uses real world examples from the industry we work in to explain the benefits of Six Sigma. Excellent course and highly recommended to all - Faris Sahem, Manager, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP I liked the pace and the technique of the training. - Mahavir Prasad Kumawat, Senior Consultant, Deloitte India Liked the approach and knowledge of the presenter. The detailed methodology using statistical and data driven approaches. Good knowledge and excellent method of teaching. - Manish Raina, Manager, Deloitte Consulting, India Liked the mathematical computation techniques. It was overall interactive session. - Mayur R Neelavar, Manager, Deloitte Consulting, India I liked the presenter and content. - Prasad GVS, Manager, Deloitte Consulting, India Liked the in-depth knowledge of the instructor. Thanks for the quick, yet comprehensive training of Six Sigma Green Belt course - well adapted to the hectic corporate culture. Kudos to the very knowledgeable instructor - Mr. Suresh Jayaram. - Raghu A, Manager, Deloitte Consulting, India Liked the over all content and its continuity. - Raghuram Meda, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting, India Course instructor - he was extremely knowledgeable, committed and encouraged participation. Had the complete respect of the entire group. Excellent course delivered by an extremely knowledgeable instructor. The instructor gave practical experiences from his own experience which made the training significantly more interesting. Highly recommended!! - ROHAN LOBO, PARTNER, DELOITTE TOUCHE TOHMATSU INDIA LLP The trainer was very knowledgeable and could explain the concepts with memorable examples and use cases. Would like to thank Dr. Suresh to provide complex principles and information in bite sized capsules, this has helped immensely in retention and understanding. - Rohan Padha, Manager, Deloitte Consulting, India Liked the structure of overall training. - SUMIT NAMAN, Manager, Deloitte Consulting, India The course is relatively easy to follow. - Vidyasagar Prabakar, Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting, India It's really helpful session and a must-do for a career in consulting. - VIJAY NAIR, Director, Deloitte Consulting, India Lucid information exchange, great course material. - Manali Das, Manager, Deloitte Consulting, India The instructor is really good and the sessions have been really educational! - Anmol Singhal, Consultant, Deloitte Consulting, India The instructor uses real world examples from the industry we work in to explain the benefits of Six Sigma. Excellent course and highly recommended to all. - Faris Sahem, Manager, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP The instructor has deep expertise in implementing six sigma projects, and it definitely helps. - Raghu A, Manager, Deloitte Consulting, India The high quality of training shows how experienced the instructors are and their team who have come up with an excellent customized learner friendly material which we get during training. Worth the investment. - ADITHYA KASHYAP G K, Associate Consultant - Industrial Engineering, SN Industrial Consultants - The way the course was delivered. How the connection was done with our day to day life activities. The way Anurag has conducted the training it is drilled into our heads and we don’t - need to reference books or materials. - Actual Knowledge of what is sigma and how we can use it in our daily personal and work life is provided in these sessions. This is not another theoretical training session. Training is conducted with Passion. - Anurag comes with vast experience and when he shared with us examples of such instances we could relate to it very well. Excellent communication skills. Connected very well with the entire group. BINITA M. SUVARNA, Delivery Manager, Tata Consultancy Services
  14. Vijay Mohnani


    Great content shared and great facilitation skills. Parag was very good and helpful and took time for each member. - Neha Durani, Assistant Manager Quality, Interglobe Technologies