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    I have come across a really important question forBBs/ MBBs - We all know that Black Belts/ MBBs want to be trusted. Trust is built in a company by demonstration of competence. - Our competence should link with what top leaders are concerned about. We need to link with what gives sleepless nights to absolute top guys (CXO team). - Among top guys there are a few who are the biggest influencers in the direction for management. Typically we know who those people are and what they are trying to drive. - I asked many BB/MBBs to think what is the top focus area of the key influencer in your organisation and mention the focus area here. This would help us to think what direction should Black Belts/MBBs take. We got the following list in some time (See message below)
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    Kaizen, Kaikaku and Kakushin are three approaches within Lean which have their roots from Toyota. They work well together and have different areas of focus and magnitude of impact/risk. The table below provides differentiation and tips for their implementation. Kaizen - Kai – Change, Zen – Good Kaikaku – Radical Change Kakushin – Innovation Definition Evolutionary change for better focused on incremental improvements Revolutionary change focused on radical improvements Innovation, transformation, reform and renewal Focus Area Continual improvement of their processes Transformation of their organizational culture Bringing something new into existence People All levels including workers Executives and top management Top Management Risk / Impact Low Medium High Steps / Tips / Techniques · 5 S o Seiri – Sort out o Seition – organize o Seiso – shine the workplace o Seiketsu – standardization o Shitsuke – self-discipline · 7+1 Wastes o Transportation o Inventory o Motion o Waiting o Over-processing o Over-production o Defects o Skills under-utilization · Look for ways to make maximum contribution to ideal state – “What would be ideal customer experience” · Search for opportunities for radical improvements · Apply 80-20 rule to do more with less · Creative problem solving · Challenge assumptions · Ask What and why questions – think differently · Brainstorm creative solutions · Know how to sell radical ideas – overcome resistance · Think positively and act promptly · Follow radical improvements with continual improvements (Kaizen) · Attribute listing · Biomimicry · Brainwriting 6-3-5 · Challenge assumptions · Osborn checklist · Harvey cards · Lotus Blossom Technique · Redefinition · Reverse Brainstorming · Systematic Inventive Thinking · COCD Box · Force Field Analysis · Six Thinking Hats · Follow it with radical and incremental improvements Eg. · Reduce production time by implementing 5 S · Usability improvement in software that’s allows people to enter data with reduced no. of values to enter · Introduce new lighter material for vehicle body - reform production processes · Upgrade software with new technology which allows faster development, better performance and more features · Make simplified cars by cutting the number of parts in half · Extending software on multiple media allowing ease of access and seamless collaboration and eliminates duplication throughout the supply chain Conclusion: All the three techniques have different role in the lean journey and allows organization to identify and implement changes at different levels and magnitude of impact. Each of them are necessary and must be run in tandem for an organization to be truly lean and successful cause by just being innovative, a company may not be successful in long run as it may lose out on efficiency nor by just being a company which is strong on efficiency sustain itself in long run as lack of innovation will allow competitors who are innovative to beat it down in market.
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