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  1. Problem Solving: in today's world, there is very highly complex environment for businesses and a huge competition between each other to sustain in the market and companies are searching various ways to gain the market by improving their products or services quality, increasing their speed of work, improving efficiency. while achieving these goals companies are facing various problems which can be in-house or in supply chain or problems in searching for a new business/opportunities or any decision making. There are basic four principles for solving any problem which are give
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  2. Process Stability refers to the consistency of the process to stay within Upper Control Limit (UCL) and Lower Control Limit (LCL). The outputs of any process will have a mean value. Then the control Limits for the process are defined as follows: Upper Control Limit (UCL) = Mean + 3 sigma Lower Control Limit (LCL) = Mean - 3 sigma If the process behaves consistently over time, i.e. the outputs fall within the range UCL to LCL called process width, then the process is said to be stable or in control. If the Outputs are spread across outside the limits, then the process is Un
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