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  1. In the FMCG sector, our company is rated among the top 5 organisations both by the consumers and industry. Much of the success is attributed to the increased consumer confidence and round-the-clock shelf SKU availability of our product line. The role of our Purchase Division has always been at the core for achieving this mark. Over the years our team under your guidance has been able to keep the inventory at optimum levels thereby helping the Production Unit to make delivery on time. It is due to the careful execution of our fundamental function - 'Material Management' which ensures that raw m
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  2. Decision making is the inevitable truth of the life of every practicing manager. The best of the corporate leaders constantly emphasize on the fact that the litmus test of a manager is to take correct decisions in the difficult times. Management styles of the managers have varied widely and there has been always a contest between the merit of data driven decision making and the intuitive method of decision making. So any attempt to reach a conclusion about the greater efficacy of one over the other or the chance of success of one over the other lies in accessing the arguments made in support o
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  3. Once when asked what he does, if the data does not support his decision, John Maynard Keynes replied – “I change my opinion. What do you do?†In a haystack of information today, that one thing which helps organizations take sound decisions is the ‘analysis of data’. Often, companies find themselves in situations where from a variety of choices, they need to pick one. In such cases, data-driven decision making enables following a systematic procedure. A successful completion of any process begins from a decision well made. It forms the first step of any execution proc
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