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Feedback of some of our participants from First American India


The Contents of the course is excellent with helpful Six Sigma tools.

– Anish Mathew V., Supervisor, First American India (Formerly known as Intertitle).

The course was structured keeping all industry participants in mind, and the entire training period was fun. Looking forward to joining for Black Belt program also!.

– Babu Subramanya, Team Leader, First American India (Formerly known as Intertitle)

The way training was handled within 4 days and also the way we spent the time in the training was awesome. Good course, keep going, Benchmark Six Sigma Rocks!!

– Guruprasad S, Team Lead, First American India.

Benchmark Six Sigma provides State-of-an-art training on the Six Sigma concepts that enables the leaders to drive their teams to achieve remarkable results in a short span of time.

– Karthik Chakravarthy, Assistant Manager, First American (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Six Sigma defines the Culture, Control, and Consistency within an organization.

– Sandip Debnath, Operations Manager, First American (India) Pvt. Ltd.