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Feedback from participants at Danfoss

The Interactive session, new tools & techniques.
-Girish Ramadurai, Senior Manager- Fulfilment, APA, RAC-GL, Danfoss

Participation from everyone and real time questions asked.
-Rosary Xavier, Fulfillment Analyst, RC Global Fulfilment, Danfoss

Different set of examples and data analysis. Overall good learning
-Boopalan, Specialist -Order Fulfillment, RC Logistics, Danfoss

Basics were best strengthened.
-Atul Rautela, Manager – BI, Supply Chain, Danfoss

Material / Mentor’s approach
-Rohith S, Fulfilment Analyst, RC LOGISTICS, Danfoss

Interesting way of training people. Practical examples were used for better understanding
-Madhu Rajasekar, Fulfillment Analyst, RC LOGSITICS, Danfoss

Simple and clear
-Sairam, Global fulfillment master data analyst, RC-L, Danfoss

Precise and simple
-Kumar Utkarsh, Global Reporting Analyst, RC-L, Danfoss

“Learned few methodologies which i do not know earlier. And, it is very useful and i will try to apply in my process. Trainer is very positive and gave lots of simple example which any one can understand. “
-S. Thanumalayaperumal, Specialist – Global Fulfillment Master Data, RC- Logistics, Danfoss

Step by step analysis of DMAIC and tools related to it. Great Programme to understand various techniques used to improve quality levels in a process
-Ankita Chauhan, RC Fulfillment Analyst, RAC Logistics, Danfoss

Detailed explanation of concepts.
-Alagappan, Manager, Fulfillment, Danfoss

How to apply for daily work was explained.
-Yueqin Wang, Logistic Manager, Danfoss China CNDE

Data analysis method is the best
-Haiwei Liu, RAC China Fulfillment Manager, Danfoss China

I got many tools and concepts which can be used in my daily work.
-Junfang Chen, Fufillment, Danfoss China