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Benchmark’s Business Excellence Facilitation/Coaching

are far ahead in terms of excellence,leadership, impact and reach.

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1 Global Leaders are our clients

We have been working with leaders like Google, Amazon, Boeing, JLL as our clients. We take up assignments in USA, Europe, Africa and Asia. We work with almost all type of industry sectors. References bring us most of our new businesses. Our International HO is in USA.

2 Unique Consulting Roadmaps

Our consulting road-maps ensure that clients not only get the results that they need, they also build internal competence to keep using the methods later. We like to custom create road-maps based on the people, processes and objectives. The initial assessment is usually free.

3 Customized Workshops

All workshops that we offer to the corporate world are customizable. Programs are also recreated by combining some of the competencies. There are 12 competencies on Excellence from which we may pick and choose or modify the deliverable.

Services We Offer

Two problems in the corporate world are never the same.  We take pride in Action Learning Workshops that we customize and facilitate. We recommend usage of customized techniques with a custom created roadmap that is suitable for your specific business situation, your specific processes, while keeping your people in mind.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

PM Champion

Managing any project requires scoping, planning, executing, controlling, closing multiple tasks in the right order, within a specified timeline. There could several constraints placed on the project team without the luxury of extended execution time or increased budget. This program provides advanced coverage of Project Management with special emphasis on four Knowledge Areas – typically – Scope Management, Time Management, Cost Management and Risk Management.

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Problem Solving and Decision Making

Brainstorming and Facilitation

Brainstorming is the most common tool used for ideation and is usually the first step in problem-solving. Brainstorming seems easy, however, if not facilitated properly, does not yield the required results. This program provides a good grasp of several Basic and Advanced Brainstorming Techniques along with practice sessions.

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