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Benchmark’s Business Excellence in Leadership

are far ahead in terms of excellence,leadership, impact and reach.

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1 Global Leaders are our clients

We have been working with leaders like Google, Amazon, Boeing, JLL as our clients. We take up assignments in USA, Europe, Africa and Asia. We work with almost all type of industry sectors. References bring us most of our new businesses. Our International HO is in USA.

2 Unique Consulting Roadmaps

Our consulting road-maps ensure that clients not only get the results that they need, they also build internal competence to keep using the methods later. We like to custom create road-maps based on the people, processes and objectives. The initial assessment is usually free.

3 Customized Workshops

All workshops that we offer to the corporate world are customizable. Programs are also recreated by combining some of the competencies. There are 12 competencies on Excellence from which we may pick and choose or modify the deliverable.

Services We Offer

Two problems in the corporate world are never the same.  We take pride in Action Learning Workshops that we customize and facilitate. We recommend usage of customized techniques with a custom created roadmap that is suitable for your specific business situation, your specific processes, while keeping your people in mind.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Lean Practitioner and Lean Guide

Understanding the Lean principles helps one identify what is of value to the customer. This identification feeds into removing all the “waste” and keeping only what is meaningful for the customer. You can create increasingly efficient processes with reduced costs and production time. One could say that Lean is a systematic approach to minimizing waste.

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Problem Solving and Decision Making

Business Excellence Champion

This course integrates Lean Six Sigma and other approaches to create an extremely powerful framework that can create a competitive edge in today’s dynamic business environment.

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Problem Solving and Decision Making

Business Value Analyst (TOC) Practitioner

An alternative to cost accounting is Throughput Accounting. The operating premise of Throughput Accounting is to view the impact of investments and any operational changes in the parlance of business throughput. This program provides a very good understanding of how Throughput Accounting can make financial targets easier to achieve.

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Problem Solving and Decision Making

Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP) Practitioner

AHP is built on the understanding that while making a decision, several criteria exist, but all the criteria are not equally weighed. If weights are assigned to different criteria, they must not be arbitrary, else the decisions made will still not be logical. This means that a common problem is that comparison of alternatives is usually not done with a repeatable or a reasonably accurate method. Analytical Hierarchy Method is a scientific method with inbuilt checks and balances that takes care of these inherent fallacies in decision making.

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Problem Solving and Decision Making

Vendor Managed Operations Efficiency Workshop

In today’s interconnected world, it is imperative that the vendors are treated as partners in creating value for the customer. This workshop aims at providing a robust and metric driven approach to Vendor Management and subsequently improving the operational efficiency of the vendors. This program covers complete coverage of what is needed for high efficiency in VMO.



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