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Videos of some of our participants from Cognizant

Jayachandrou, with his 13+ years experience in the service sector, highlights how process practices in a BPO are inadequate many times, and how prevailing quality practices mostly rely on a quick fix. He goes on to explain how all this can change with Lean Six Sigma.
Rithika Nambiar, Senior Manager, Cognizant, with her background in Dominoes, SCOPE and HP Global, highlights that operational folks do have misconceptions about Lean Six Sigma and how they disappear when they undergo a good training. She indicates that LSS rigor and discipline really challenges a professional, and highlights some caution points. She mentions about her journey from an Operations professional to mentoring several Black Belt projects.

Feedback of some of our participants from Cognizant

Training was excellent. Each example was spot on and crystal clear. Best training I have ever attended. VK has changed my concept of training. I was never bored even for a millisecond during the entire program. Well-structured training program from Benchmark.
– Kevin John, Senior Executive HR, Cognizant Technology Solutions.

Fantastic training included a lot of fun in learning, the first six sigma class I was awake all through.
– Krishna Ganesan, Senior Manager, Cognizant Technology Solutions.

Excellent training! The right choice of selecting this vendor for six sigma. The way the problems were articulated with the right practical examples is phenomenal.
– Kumar Subramanian, Sr. Manager, Cognizant Technology Solutions.

Examples provided were relevant to the subject – made easy to correlate.
– Lakshminarasimhan Srinivasaraghavan, Senior Executive, Cognizant Technology Solutions.

The way the course was conducted was very good. I’m new to quality still was able to understand the techniques easily.
– P. Lakshmi Balaji, Manager, Cognizant Technology Solutions.

Applications and Concepts were useful. We were able to correlate with our processes / Projects. Excellent Training conducted.
– Ashwin Kumar K, Executive- Hr Immigrations, Cognizant Technology Solutions.

This course gives me a different view to approach a project, and now I am really looking to implement these valuable techniques in work.
– Santhosh Kumar V, Associate, Cognizant Technology Solutions.

I liked the scenario based examples to understand the concept and of course the presentation skills of the trainer which kept me glued to the subject. I enjoyed real life facts from google making the course interesting. I sensed it was indeed “benchmarked” the standard of six sigma training. I would recommend my team and friends and would come back for other training provided by Benchmark.
– Manjusha Jagtap, Quality Manager, Cognizant Technology Solutions.

The 6 Sigma is the way and walks of the life for everyone no matter from which background or profession is and adds more value when you do it from Benchmark. Well done!
– Ravinder Pitla, Manager- Investment Banking, Cognizant Technology Solutions.

It was an application oriented learning and practical examples were given to relating to concepts better. Fantastic training included a lot of fun in learning, the first six sigma class I was awake all through 🙂
– Krishna Ganesan, Senior Manager, Cognizant Technology Solutions.