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Our Clientele

Feedback of some of our participants from Capgemini


The course is designed in such a way that it compels you to do additional research after studying the book. Course material and course delivery method are appreciable.

– Abhilash Anand, Sr. Consultant, Capgemini.

Fantastic visual teaching aids and I must say that i haven’t felt boring/sleepy though this was a full-time training @ all these 6 days!!!

– Avil D’Souza, Sr. Consultant – Quality, Capgemini.

One of the most recommended courses for all professionals looking for growth in their own career prospects and for contributing to the growth of their organisation!

– Ambali Shinde, Sr. Consultant – Quality, Capgemini.

I liked the following things about the program:

  1. The examples provided.
  2. The simple and practical explanation.
  3. Diagrams in the book.

– Abhilash Anand, Sr. Consultant – Delivery Assurance Group, Capgemini.

Benchmark Six Sigma taught me how to apply concepts in real time projects.

Ragavendra Prasath, Sr. Consultant – Delivery Assurance Group, Capgemini.

Content and its classification was really nice. Altogether it was a wonderful experience!!

– Kriparam Mannaraj, Senior Consultant – Business Intelligence, Capgemini.

Trainer was very good and showcased how to make proper use of Green Belt techniques.

– Sakala Sukumar, Senior Consultant – SAP, Capgemini.

The presenter was cool and kept the things simple, which made the training more enjoyable.

– Manish Agarwal, Systems Associate, Capgemini. 

The workshop took into consideration the backgrounds of various participants and conducted it accordingly so that everybody has a good idea of the topic.

– Rajesh Krishnan, Software Developer Consultant, Capgemini.