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Use experience or rely on data?

In our business excellence world (or in the Lean Six Sigma world as it is called at many places), I come across experienced professionals who say – “I don’t need a long time to address an issue. From my experience, I can just tell you where the problem is and how to...

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Can you make this “Lean”?

One of the most interesting topics in my Lean Six Sigma workshops is that of Value Add & Non-Value Add analysis. As per Lean, we classify a process step or feature as “Value add” (VA) if it truly adds value from the customer’s perspective. Those steps or features...

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Height of Achievement!

The normal distribution is the most important distribution in statistics. It describes a symmetric bell-shaped distribution. People's heights, weights and IQ scores are all roughly bell-shaped and symmetrical around a mean. Height, for the matter of fact, has been one...

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When Design for Six Sigma Fails

Design for Six Sigma is a methodology that commonly uses DMADV roadmap. Here is a DMADV sequence that led to a spectacular failure. D - Define – In the US, car fuel economy standards and car fuel emission norms present a design contradiction. If a car maker is...

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