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Benchmark Six Sigma - War Room

When Design for Six Sigma Fails

Design for Six Sigma is a methodology that commonly uses DMADV roadmap. Here is a DMADV sequence that led to a spectacular failure. D - Define – In the US, car fuel economy standards and car fuel emission norms present a design contradiction. If a car maker is...

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The Process Control Dilemma

Six Sigma enthusiasts work with Y = F(X), where Y is the output variable being improved and X's are the input variables to be identified and worked upon; F denotes the process that transforms X's into Y.  In most cases, to ensure sustained improvements at the end...

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When all your Probable X’s turn Critical

It was 17 min past 3 in the afternoon when an Airbus A320-232 departed Bob Hope Airport, Burbank, California, carrying 140 passengers and six crew members. It was scheduled to fly 2,465 miles (3,967 km) to John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York. The problems,...

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The root cause is missing

Let us examine this sentence as a stand alone statement - "The root cause is missing". There is certainly a problem in this statement. It just does not seem okay. We, as excellence enthusiasts will like to say - If there is a problem in it, there must be a root cause....

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