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APC by Schneider Electric

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Feedback from participants at APC.

Benchmark Six Sigma makes life simple by teaching Lean and Six Sigma concepts with the help of simple and practical examples.
– Ashoka T, Head Human Resources – SCM, APC by Schneider Electric.

Good Training Content and Trainer had immense knowledge on implementation aspects. Whole session was full of good and easy to understand examples.
Natesh Rao. HOD – BPR, APC by Schneider Electric.

6 Sigma tool is always the best option to solve business problems. We were all from different departments but still Vishwadeep Sir was able to understand our problems very well and he was also able to make us understand the concepts very nicely.
– Dinesh G, Sr. Manager, APC by Schneider Electric.

Course was planned very nicely and facilitator was extremely helpful. I would recommend this to all the people in manufacturing industry.
– Kiron S Katre, Manager, APC by Schneider Electric.

“Excellent course content and a great trainer. It really made a difference in my notion of learning and implementing Six sigma.”
– Mr. Devendra Prasad, Manager, APC by Schneider Electric.

Training contents are developed in a very logical manner with focus on concepts and business relevance.
– Sairam Balakrishnan, Delivery Lead – Metrics & Reporting, APC by Schneider Electric.

Well planned & Organized structure of Knowledge transfer. Trainer and his training techniques were great.
– Saravan Sankar S., Program Manager, APC by Schneider Electric.

It’s an amazing team with in depth knowledge on how to get to the root cause and being able to analyze the Pain areas from a given set of data. Examples given were in common man’s terms, thus they could be related to all the fields at work or home.
– Sujay Mandadi, Team Leader , APC by Schneider Electric.

Good study material and the concepts taught can be implemented in any area of work. The examples given to explain the topics were really nice. It helped us in relating problems to real life situations and in understanding how Six sigma tools can be used to resolve them.
– Abhijin M Rao, Team Leader, APC by Schneider Electric.

The examples given to understand the course were very simple and very much related to the subject; lecturer’s knowledge on the methodology was extremely good.
– Raju jayapal, Team leader – Production, APC by Schneider Electric.

I loved the presentation,  and the examples given by the trainer were excellent and easy to understand.
– Cyril, Team Leader –Production, APC by Schneider Electric.