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Our Clientele

Feedback of some of our participants from Altisource

The structure was well thought out and most of my intended goals were met:). The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification was definitely value for money. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to learn the content and have a working knowledge of all the concepts and want to use it in their workplace. 

– Arpana Ananth, Senior Manager – Quality Assurance, Altisource.

Everything during the course was well organized. After attending the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification, I am more confident and can use the six sigma approach in my organization in carrying out small business analytical projects using tools and techniques of six sigma to improve the current process.

– Vinod S Managoli, Property Management Engineer, Altisource.

I loved the way trainer presented the whole thing and I always got quick responses from him. The venue for the program was also excellent.

– Vetrivendhan K P, Manager – Operational Excellence, Altisource.

The logical structure of the course was easy to grasp.

– KS Sundaresan, Senior Manager – Knowledge Management, Altisource.

Some of the real life examples given by the trainer made the course easy to understand and relate it to real life situations.

– Srini Munsi, Manager – Operational Excellence, Altisource.

The management and flow of the whole program were well planned. There was no confusion of any sort.

– Wasim Tarique, Business Analyst – Operational Excellence, Altisource.

The Program kept all of us involved and interested in what was happening.

– Zubin Ray, Practice Manager – Operational Excellence, Altisource.