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Benchmark Six Sigma is Accredited training Provider of Exemplar Global (previously RABQSA), a member of ASQ family. Exemplar Global provides global recognition for our Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt programs.

Pioneers of Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP) Practitioner Program in India


Decision making of non-reversible nature but far reaching consequences should not rely on gut or basic brainstorming techniques. Comparison of alternatives is usually not done with a repeatable or a reasonably accurate method. This program provides a proved method of scientific comparison and decision making.We have conducted this course for 18 MBB batches in the past.


To engage participants in comparing and choosing best alternative using a scientific repeatable and reliable approach.


1 Day.

Why Benchmark Six Sigma is suited to deliver this program?

  • In 2007, Benchmark initiated the first Master Black Belt program in India. The program has been evolving and is reviewed and revised every year. AHP Practitioner has been a core competency in this program since the beginning.
  • We have trained a good number of AHP Practitioner in India (80+ every year).
  • The large network of Master Black Belt certified professionals has now crossed 250.
  • We are about to deliver our 19th and 20th AHP Practitioner Sessions in 2019.
  • We moderate the largest Lean Six Sigma learning community (among top three forums in the world).
  • Here are 15 key elements that differentiate us from others.

Who Can Benefit

  • Corporate leaders who have not completed their Black Belt. Such leaders can go through AHP Practitioner module and get certified for it.
  • Professionals who have completed their Black Belt training and want to enhance their ability to analyse alternatives for a sound justifiable decision.
  • Process Improvement team members who wish to get equipped with AHP approaches.
  • Anyone who wants to build an improvement competence that is domain independent.

Offered as

a. Public Training – Calendar Program
b. Corporate Program – Customized

Before Workshop

For Corporate training – Shadow sessions to customize material and delivery

After Workshop

Corporate training – AHP application coaching, if needed.

Forthcoming AHP Practitioner Programs

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Salient features of Public Training

  • Facilitated by Multi-Industry Expert
  • Minimum 8 Hrs of Instructor Led Classroom Training
  • 8 PDUs for PMI credential
  • Globally Recognized AHP Practitioner Certificate accredited by Exemplar Global
  • Membership of largest Business Improvement Community
  • Free Online Project Assistance
  • Progress towards MBB Certification.

Training Package for Public Training

  • Course Material Kit for AHP Practitioner
  • Templates and Case studies for practice
  • 1-2 Days of Instructor Led Classroom Training
  • Examination and Certification for AHP Practitioner Certificate
  • Globally Recognized Certificate with lifetime validity
  • Post-training online webinar for future guidance
  • Refreshment and Lunch

Content Outline

  • The complexities in multi criteria decision making.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of simplistic approaches like Pugh Matrix.
  • Setting Hierarchies for Analytic Hierarchical Process (AHP).
  • Selecting criteria and assigning weights to them.
  • Evaluating alternatives and checking consistency in comparative scores.
  • Using sub criteria within criteria.
  • Differentiating quantitative and qualitative criteria.
  • Analyzing and summarizing AHP.

Request Information

To learn more about AHP Practitioner Course, its uniqueness and advantages as applicable to your specific situation, fill out the fields below. You can also call +919811370932 to speak to one of our Program Advisers.

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AHP Practitioner classroom programs with unmatched advantages

What everyone offers


Some / Industry Acceptance

Some Project Practice

Some Training Experience

Benchmark offers More

We started our programs in 2001 and most accreditations started later. We provide Exemplar Global accredited globally valid certificate.

Benchmark Six Sigma has unmatched industry acceptance. We conduct in-company programs with industry leaders. To see more details of our clients, please visit -

We guide participants through cases from different industry sectors which come from real experience in those organizations.

Benchmark Six Sigma has trained 40000+ participants. Here are some photographs over the years -

What no one else offers

The facilitator of our AHP Practitioner program is an International Expert on Business Excellence.

Training methodology that has matured with modifications since 2007

We integrated Lean and Six Sigma in our programs more than a decade ago.

Training is the beginning. We engage members with 2 questions every week to facilitate ongoing learning.

We provide additional coaching to our participants when they implement projects at their workplace.

The facilitator has significant training experience in manufacturing as well as services.

Use of multi-sensory approaches is our forte.

We explain the linkages of AHP with strategic decisions.

Our Forum is one of the top three in the world and has 53000+ members.

Well integrated program with Business Excellence MBB

The facilitator has conducted hundreds of Lean Six Sigma programs.

The training is rated as excellent by thousands of participants.

You can expect the most engaging training experience ever.

Free Excel based AHP templates for all our participants.

Periodic free webinars for all our participants.