Customized workshops

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Lean Workshop

  • Lean workshop provides a hands on experience in process streamlining and waste elimination. 
  • By the end of the program, participants shall be ready to engage others in value stream mapping and plan kaizens.
  • Increase process cycle efficiency by using universally applicable waste elimination concepts, tools and techniques.
  • Course Duration: 2-3 days

Process Streamlining Workshop

  • Workshop aimed at optimization of identified processes.
  • Customized delivery based on issues identified in joint interactive sessions. 
  • Improvements in processes through mapping and analyzing cross-functional flow of value.
  • Duration of workshop: 2 days

Design of Experiments (DoE)

  • Aids systematic approach for experiments/trials. 
  • Promotes engagement of subject matter experts at the right stages of product/ process design.  
  • Generates a structured mechanism towards incremental 
  • Duration of workshop: 2 days

Champion Training

  • This program is aimed at senior management professionals to help them realize annual goals via Six Sigma projects.  
  • The participants will acquire the skills and tools to  
  1. Select the right projects and project leaders
  2. Support improvements, 
  3. Alleviate project roadblocks.
  • Course Duration: 1-2 days

Other Workshops

Several other workshops are feasible as per requirements. The titles are 2-day SPC workshop, 1-day MSA workshop, 1-Day TRIZ workshop, 1-Day Simulation techniques workshop, Statistical tools training, Minitab Training, Root Cause Analysis workshop, Hypothesis Testing workshop, Six Sigma for Project managers.

Customized YB/GB/BB

  • Lean Six Sigma is a set of practices to systematically improve processes by eliminating defects.
  • Lean Six Sigma is a business management strategy which uses a structured approach which has helped organizations world over to reduce cycle times, increase productivity and improve quality and delivery of processes.
  • Benchmark Six Sigma provides customized Yellow Belt, Green Belt or Black Belt based on company’s needs. 

Poka Yoke (Mistake Proofing)

  • Focus on enhancing the robustness of your processes.
  • Identifies the common gaps in process design & execution that may lead to process failure.
  • Provides measures that safeguard your processes against human errors.
  • Duration of workshop: 1-2 days

FMEA (Failure Mode & Effects Analysis)

  • Promotes preventive thinking over corrective approaches.
  • Interactive sessions engage team members in risk assessment.
  • Helps in prioritizing for correction and improvement potential failures.
  • Duration of workshop: 2 days

Awareness Workshop

  • Get introduced to the world of Six Sigma and Lean management techniques.
  • Explore how your organization can benefit by these techniques and tools.
  • An eye opener session for many and it will mark the beginning of an exciting journey.
  • Course Duration: 1 day

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