Industrial Transportation

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As per the industry classification benchmark, this industry sector includes the following subsectors –

  • Delivery Services - Operators of mail and package delivery services for commercial and consumer use. Includes courier and logistic services primarily involving air transportation.
  • Marine Transportation - Providers of on-water transportation for commercial markets, such as container shipping.
  • Railroads - Providers of industrial railway transportation and railway lines.
  • Transportation Services - Companies providing services to the Industrial Transportation sector, including companies that manage airports, train depots, roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, and providers of logistic services to shippers of goods. Includes companies that provide aircraft and vehicle maintenance services
  • Trucking - Companies that provide commercial trucking services.

Applications in Shipping - Six Sigma example projects in shipping

  1. Improved handling of hazardous materials
  2. Reducing Loading and Unloading Turn around Time including container arrivals, unloading by crane, loading into the ship.
  3. Improving the CHA processes including the following
  4. Accuracy and turnaround time improvement in preparation of various kinds of bill of entry and shipping bill.
  5. Eliminating errors in tariff classification and rates of duty.
  6. Ensuring first time right in nature and description of documents to be filed with various kinds of bills of entry and shipping bill.
  7. Ensuring first time right in procedures for assessment and payment of duty.
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During his Black Belt training, Devender Sharma from Delhi International Airport Limited shares his Six Sigma and Quality journey across industries.
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  1. A lean project focused on reducing high vehicle maintenance costs. It was found that certain non value adding tasks could be eliminated by moving technical experts to specific field locations. More benefits were realized by using ERP enhancements that captured data more effectively.
  2. In one Transport Company, it was found that out of the fleet that returned, only few were ready for immediate re-utilization and several vehicles needed repair tasks. Through usage of lean and six sigma methods, it was found that a good number of defects (and thus repairs) were preventable through better training of staff. Through scheduling, queuing studies and use of little’s law, new methods of queuing and scheduling of vehicles was put into place. This resulted in higher “on-road time” of vehicles and enhanced billing for the company.
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A must training program for every individual who wishes to bring infinitesimal change and improvement in his own life and the people around him. -Srikanth Srinivas, DHL Exel Supply Chain.
Black Belt in 5-6 days is quite a brain cruncher, but the training was well conducted. It was fun doing this training with Benchmark Six Sigma. -Reinhard Kroisenbrunner, Project Analyst, DHL Global Mail.
Excellent material, amazing delivery and hands-on experience through mock project is what makes it best. -Karthik, Industrial Engineer, DHL India Ltd.
The training material and the facilitator of BSS is the best. It’s well organized training program. -Vaibhav Gupta, Project Engineer, FedEx.
Excellent Course which can be implemented in actual job. - Sudhir Nair, Manager-Business Development, APM Terminals Pipavav.
The way Six Sigma is being taught will lead to new generation of thinkers and managers. - Rohit Gupta, GM, Robinsons Air Services.