Fixed Line Telecommunications

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As per the industry classification benchmark, this industry sector includes the following subsectors –

  • Fixed Line Telecommunications - Providers of fixed-line telephone services, including regional and long-distance. Includes companies that primarily provide telephone services through the internet.

Several companies engaged in Fixed Line Telecommunications have been deploying structured problem solving methods. One company notable among them has been Airtel.
Common project objectives in this sector include -  

  1. Development of new features, processes for new services
  2. Improving accuracy, timeliness and completeness of customer communication. 
  3. Improving accuracy, timeliness and completeness of new connections.
  4. Improving up-time and quality of services.
  5. Reducing response times for complaints, improving customer experience.
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Ashish Mohandas shares his initial successes with Six Sigma in telecom sector.
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A telecom company found that the customer support provision through online methods like FAQ’s, troubleshooting trees was more efficient as compared to call centre support. However, customers were averse to usage of online help and always picked up the phone for recording complaints. When initial efforts failed, the company decided to carry out some data driven decision making. Various combinations of survey, incentives and schemes were tried to lure customers towards the customer care portal. Through some advanced analysis and experimentation a new combination scheme was created and launched. This increased online help usage by more than 5% saving millions of dollars for the company.

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Benchmark Six Sigma really has superb faculty. The most difficult concept is also articulated in the simplest manner. -Invinder Kaur, Manager, Tata Tele Services Ltd.
This is one of the best training programs I have attended. The course content is designed with lots of explanations on result interpretations to make it easy for the user to understand. The trainer is an expert and I didn't felt any moment of time that I have made a wrong decision. Actually I would like to advise prospective Black belt seekers to go for this training. - Rohin Raina, Assistant Manager, Bharti Teletech Ltd.
The course was designed in a most systematic way and delivered most effectively. - Joydip Dey, Bharti Telesoft.
The horizon of view towards daily operations has changed after this program. I feel more confident of reaching resolutions. -Sudhanshu Vachaspati, Manager, Primus Telecom.
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