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As per the industry classification benchmark, this industry sector includes the following subsectors –

  • Aluminium - Companies that mine or process bauxite or manufacture and distribute aluminium bars, rods and other products for use by other industries.
  • Nonferrous Metals - Producers and traders of metals and primary metal products other than iron, aluminium and steel.
  • Iron & Steel - Manufacturers and stockholders of primary iron and steel products such as pipes, wires, sheets and bars, encompassing all processes from smelting in blast furnaces to rolling mills and foundries. Includes companies that primarily mine iron ores.
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Boby Jacob, shares his experiences as top management member of Al Jaber Aluminium, Abu Dhabi during his Black Belt training by Benchmark Six Sigma.
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A leading manufacturer of aluminium bars for industrial usage found that process chemistry of the end product had high variability. When measurement system analysis was done for the titration method, it was found that the measurement system variation was more than 50% of part to part variation found in the manufacturing process.

This meant that measurement system was introducing its own variation to such a large extent that the results obtained were not the true representation of the manufactured product.

This challenge was addressed in two ways. Firstly, the various titration systems were adjusted to reduce the variation between them. Secondly, the variability within each titration system was reduced. This led to reduction in variability of the quality of aluminium bars. The better ratio control of alumina and sodium hydroxide led to reduced problems in subsequent steps in the process.

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Orienting towards course and application methodology is the best learning phase of this course. -Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera, Industrial Engineer, Coal Industry
It is a technique everybody should learn and apply to be competitive and to create a stress free work environment. -Suresh Kumar Panchal, Sr. Manager, Bokaro Steel Plant
The fact that the course is very interactive makes it "fun to learn". The presence of Santa-Banta jokes helped us in understanding the situation clearly. -Ashish Sachdeva, Marketing Manager, Uttam Galva Steel
A well structured, planned and effective program that I have ever attended.The trainer is friendly, humorous and the program goes without any boresome feeling. I loved it. - Mohanram Rajasekaran,Cell Executive, FOSECO
The course has enabled me to be a better decision maker and has also enhanced my skills. - Boby George Jacob, GM (Admin, HR and QHSE), Al Jaber Group of Companies.
Six Sigma has its applicability in all kind of business processes. "Training from Benchmark will train you to deliver benchmark results." - Pooja Sharma, Director - Business Development, Outstone Group