Getting prepared

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Six Sigma is a powerful statistically driven methodology that is put to use in improving the current processes and also to design a totally new one. It has its applicability across industries and functions and hence equips an individual with competencies and skills that are generic and important to the contemporary business environment.

The standard methodology used to improve the processes is called DMAIC. The acronym DMAIC stands for Define – Measure- Analyze – Improve – Control.

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Certification benefits for students pursuing professional lean six sigma courses-

  1. Placement Benefit – Students who add Six Sigma competence to their overall skill set on their resumes enhance their chances of selection for internships and final placements.
  2. International Recognition of certificate – Benchmark Six Sigma certification is well accepted and respected in industry.
  3. Industry interface – Students learn more and faster when they attend a program along with working professionals.
  4. Life-long membership of an active Six Sigma network having thousands of past participants – Students can get their doubts clarified when they face real life problems while implementing the learning later in work life.
  5. Attractive pricing – Students currently enrolled in full time degree programs get special discounts.
  6. Skills for a life time – Six Sigma being a combination of world best tried and tested management techniques, the skills remain with an individual for a lifetime.
  7. Upgrades available right up to Master Black Belt – One can upgrade at suitable intervals from Green Belt to Black Belt and from Black Belt to Master Black Belt.
  8. Practical orientation at the right time: Six Sigma training helps you practically understand how your learning's in Project Management, Quantitative Methods, Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Operations and Organizational Behavior are applied to address real business issues.