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The subject was very well explained in a simplest way so that it can be understood easily.

- R.Sivakumar, Asst. General Manager, Yapp India Automotive Industries


Immensely love the amount of material, and the way it was taught. Pre-course material is great. Yet the best part was the trainer.

- Rajesh Atmakuri 


Loved the mix of practical sessions with theory, along with real-life examples. “Shantanu's training style is very impressive"

- Apoorve Arya


Don't ever let go of Dr. Shantanu Kumar, the instructor. He explains things in such a manner that people seldom would forget!

- Shaardul Anand Moghe


A very helpful pre-course study that helped us come prepared for & with an idea of what to expect.

- Prashant Kumar Murari, Executive, Agrigold Group


Perfectly narrated and documented materials by Benchmark team. Generated a lot of insights about the Six Sigma program.

- Chandan Kumar

Very well organized application oriented program in professional manner, covering the basic concepts of various six sigma practices.

- R. Karthik Chockkalingam, Project Engineer, Indian Oil Corporation Limited


This best about this course was the trainer explaining and making complex things easy.

-  Anu Jain, Senoir Manager, CBRE


I'd highly recommend the training course to everyone with even an outside interest in Six Sigma. Dr. Shantanu will generate an interest and resolve any known and unknown causes of misunderstanding.

- Asim Ahmed


Dr. Shantanu is the best instructor i have come across. He makes things so easy to understand.

- Roshni Yadav, Sr. Manager, Special Olympics Bharat


The content is exhaustive. The pre-course material gives a good perspective for non-statistics students. The trainer is excellent - with GB, I also learned some business tips of working with clients with him.

- Parag Mani


Training has been just awesome. Really very appreciating.

- Subhra Prakash Naskar


Experienced Instructor who could share practical examples. Well formulated Course content on Minitab. A well-articulated course content to cover basic concepts and give brief hands on exposure to problem solving.

- Priya Ganapathiraman


An interactive session throughout with lively examples. Group work was helpful in knowing about different fields. Every penny is well spent.

- Balakumar Marappa Gounder Ponnusamy


I am very happy with the course. The course is structured in a manner that would give us time to gain understanding of the concepts as well as prepare us to work on a six sigma project on completion. The teaching methodology is excellent and the concepts of statistics are delivered in an easy to understand manner. Definitely would recommend other to join the course!

- Jayatkalyan Ghorai

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Here are some of the feedback of our participants from recent training programs.

The green belt training by Benchmark is taught in a very effective and simple manner. Their strength lies in the way they deliver the fundamental concepts in a very simple manner for anyone to understand it easily.
- J.S Arun, Engineer, Vestas Wind Technology.

Six Sigma is not only a tool that can be applied in a process or company, it's a tool which can be applied in everybody's life.
- Ankit Kariwal, Management Personal, Aura Clothing Pvt. Ltd.(Textile)

The Instructor's knowledge and delivery was fascinating and beyond my expectations.Abstract thinking & conceptual skills were my forte before this training, but now would become more potent because now I know how to back those with top-quality six-sigma concepts.
- Rajneesh Kumar, Regional Manager, Animaster Productions Pvt. Ltd.

If you are merely seeking a certificate without learning, please don't come here.
- Ritesh Bhardwaj, Engineer, NTPC Ltd.

The course material was very extensive and the instructor made the course very easily and conceptually understandable.
- Vinitha P.

A very effective training program.
- V. Jagadish, Sr. Manager, HD Supply.

I liked the simplified examples used to understand the principles.
- Gaurang Suctancar, MD, Prudential Group(Real Estate).

The knowledge of the instructor and the delivery of the lecture was very good.
- Capt. Sudhir Udar, Marine Superintendent, Elegant Marine Services Pvt Ltd.

6 Sigma is a course which can be helpful in any kind of problem solving and we can relate it anywhere in our day to day life.
- Venu Gogia, Quality Manager, ST Microelectronics.

Entire training program was structured very well. Friendly and approachable trainer made all the sessions very absorving with lot of interactive aids, case studies etc. for easier learning/understanding.
- Bhaskar Sain.

Black Belt training was more than sufficient to inculculate indepth understanding and requisite skills to form a sound knowledge base of six sigma over which I certainly can feel confident about.
- Rajneesh Kumar, Regional Manager, Animaster Productions Pvt. Ltd.

Benchmark Six Sigma is a benchmark for all Six Sigma training institutes.
- Anagha Honnemadi Shetty.

An excellent program geared to meet the needs of aspirant Six Sigma professionals in any industry, with a focus on problem solving, using the latest tools and techniques. The course was taught by a highly qualified instructor in an engaging style.
- Rajesh Sampathkumar, Assistant Manager, Larsen and Toubro.

I liked the material content. Overall a wonderful experience.
- Avneesh Kumar, Factory Manager, Gokaldas Exports Ltd.

Six sigma training is a basic mandatory aspect for all business professionals.
- Manimala Dash, Quality Analyst.

I liked the course content and the training methodology.It was a good learning experience.
- Manish Sharma, Production Manager, Rashi Granite Exports (I) Pvt. Ltd.

This course is a must for middle managers. It will allow them to bring to fore the "hidden factory" of which they only have an intuition.
- Saurabh Shrivastava, Senior Manager, Iron Mountain.

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The course is really good. It gives an insight into how to approach challenges in a structured manner. Hopefully I will implement a few of them in my field of facility management.

- Vaidyanathan R., Assistant Manager - Quality Support System, ISS Facility Services.

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The practical applications of Six Sigma were well addressed in the training. Rather than just learning the tools, I was able to capture the knowledge of best application of the tools in the practical scenario.
- Jagannath Soundararajan, Executive - Business Development, Pricol Technologies Ltd.

The Benchmark Six Sigma Black Belt training and certification program is comprehensive and well presented with lucid lectures, various relevant examples, focus groups for different industries and a detailed treatment of statistical methods which makes for a valuable learning experience.
- Rajesh Sampathkumar, Asst. Manager - Engineering Consultant, Larsen & Toubro.

An excellent course, precisely designed for anyone who wants to understand what Six Sigma is all about and how to implement it in your processes.
- Anand S. Joshi, Admin Manager, Salini Costruttori.

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VK has an excellent way of explaining any complex topic.
- Meenakshi Rawa, Senior Manager, Entertainment Network India Limited.

The course was definitely value adding and provided sufficient information and techniques to apply in Six Sigma Projects. Appreciate the efforts behind this course right from organizing to Material to Lecturing.
- Boby George Jacob, General Manager QHSE- HR & ADMIN, Al Jaber Industries.

Benchmark Six Sigma has exceeded my expectations in terms of the making every induvidual understand the 3 basic questions of th Six Sigma Tools, That is Why?When? And How the tools are used and it makes it simple for implementation in my organisation. I am sure, being a change Agent this course would defenitly help me giving confidence to create a Six Sigma Culture accross my organisation. Thanks Team for this opportunity.
- Siddarth Shankar Mohan, Assistant Manager, Maersk Global Services.

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On a more serious note, infact everything about the course was good. Right from the venue, room ambience, Course instructor, Course content provided (CD content, worksheet and presentation etc) was all well presented. Personally, I got more than what I had expected from this course.I found the Six Sigma Green Belt program comparable to any world class level training program, especially found the Trainer professional, well-groomed, statistically and technically very sound, and was able to provide convincing solutions to queries of candidates. I would definitely recommend this course to my fellow colleagues and further spread the word.
- Sameer Badruddin Chougle, Quality Assurance Unit Head, Combined Group Contracting Co.

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I appreciate the expertise of the trainer, his keenness to innovate. The exam sheet/evaluation sheet was amazing. The implementation of lean was visible on a daily basis in the seating arrangement and the way he conducted himself.

- Himanshu Singhal, Sr. Sports Presenter / Chief Sports Correspondent, Network 18.

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Excellent course and extraordinary teaching methodology.

- Suresh Babu Salla, General Manager, PMC Projects India Pvt. Ltd. of Adani Group

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Way of teching of Mr. Viswadeep Khatri is very good. His knowlwdge about the subject is stunning.
- Kashish Bhandari, Production Executive, Castrol India Limited.

This course provides great knowledge and learnings about six sigma.
- Azhar Yusuf, Associate Manager, GMR Group.

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I found Benchmark very professionals & workshops are very usefull.

- Deepak Piwal, Quality Lead, Fircroft Engineering Services

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The Benchmark Six Sigma Green Belt certification course has given me more than just a certificate. It has given me a new philosophy to work and live by.
- Lalana Zaveri, Director, Printo Document Services Pvt. Ltd.

I believe Six Sigma GB course is a great value addition. This methodology will not only help in improving the organizational processes, but this philosophy will help in improving the day-to-day personal life processes as well leading to a better work-life.
- Puneet Kumar, Area Supply Planner, British Petroleum.

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The training is very much interactive and user friendly.
- L Gowri Sankar, AGM, Patil Rail Infrastructure Pvt Ltd.


Training methodology is excellent
- Santosh Kumar Kavirayini, Officer Level I, Asian Paints.

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This program is a great investment for anybody who is is serious about getting on to the six sigma bandwagon.

- Ramakrishna N. K., Co-founder & CEO, Rang De.


It was a very well structured course.

- Smita Ramakrishna, Managing Trustee, Rang De.


Excellent and practical training from the faculty with various examples and supporting course materials.

- Arun Kumar Nair, General Manager, Computer Stationery Industry S.A.O.G.


Companies should start sponsoring employees for six sigma so that the employees improve processes in their respective field which in return will benefit the organisation itself.

- Christalin Franco, Project Manager,

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For the people, who would like to lead/coach projects, Benchmark is the right choice to get trained

- O. Aswini Kumar


Really good trainer for Six Sigma Green Belt. Conveys the message across to the students and patiently teachers the concepts if it not understood by us.

- Savio Anthony Mark Farrar


Being a student getting along with the proffesionals during the course was a very good experience. Students thinking of six sigma really gotta think about Benchmark six sigma.It made clear the responsibilities green belt holders need to have and the way they can approach the project .

- Tamil Arasu .S


Course content and presentation was very well organized. It was informative and participative with relevant stories and case studies to easily correlate and better understand the concepts.

- PRIYANK JAMMAR, Associate Director


As a fresher, I was worrried about my level of understanding about the industry. This program made me feel comfortable by being accessible to people from all functions and careers.

- Narendran Vijayaragavan





Really engaging course which acted as a good refresher to many concepts learnt earlier in college courses and also completed the loop by providing applications of concepts

- Anand Menon


I was skeptical before joining this course, but I'm glad that I made this decision. This course has definitely changed my perspective about workflow processes.

- M. Brighty Kumar

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Can certainly be the best (Benchmark) in the industry. If Benchmark can make me understand Six Sigma, Magic is certainly possible !!!

- Anurag Batra, Project Manager, Cuttingedge Translation Services Pvt. Ltd.


Benchmark is a must for anybody who wishes to know about global process excellence and how to use advanced tools and techniques across industries. Great interactive training which is very different from studying through books.



Bench Mark follows high standards, prirotize customers i.e. pax, they share ownership,make us trust your customer always first approach..Over all 3.4 rated organisation. The session management as a process, itself was a great example of good sigma levels.

- Shaveta Alwadi


With over 22 years in the Software industry, I felt that I knew many of the Quality aspects (I come from a strong Software delivery / PMO & Quality background). This was a GREAT learning experience and I could look at Quality from a new perspective - All thanks to Shanthanu's apt explanations and real life examples

- L M Suresh Kumar

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Benchmark Six Sigma - Green Belt is a simple yet powerful package for working professionals. When practiced/ implemented, it can yield positive results that are good for the organization and for the professional.

- Abhimanyu Saraf, Sr. Manager, 123, Inc.


Before or even any after certification you should take a class from Benchmark six sigma's faculty Dr. Shantanu Kumar

- Subhangkar Banik


Worth spending time and money……

GB Six Sigma = Benchmark 6ix Sigma

- Anil B Rai, Engineering Manager, Black & Veatch


The LEAN training helped me identify & eliminate waste (time consuming) factors impacting my professional life to a very great extent. If you think you are tech savvy (by just accessing emails, social websites & performing some excel tricks), this training has loads to offer on that front helping you make your life easier.

- Nitin Srichand Chhabria, Team Manager, Lodha Group of Companies


What I liked the most was the fact that what I've learnt in six sigma can not only be applied to the workplace and professional life, but can also be incorporated into one's day-to-day routine/daily chores and personal life, so as to enhance each of these dimensions.

- Richa Swami, Manager , KIDZANIA


"BSS - Inspiring Minds, Facilitating excellence" proved as it was said. Good course content. Way of teaching by instructor was quick grasp in mind and clearly understandable

- Ravindar J, Senior Engineer, Suzlon Energy Ltd


There're multiple features, that I found THE BEST: 1) the approach of teaching. Shantanu is the best that I've seen as trainer/mentor. 2) Theoretical (and conceptual) material to read to begin with. 3) Last but not the least, additional reading materials will be quite helpful in exploring areas as we learn along.

- Urvil Parekh


The session was an eye opener on how six sigma tools can be used for reducing defects. It has helped gaining a new perspective of looking at anything we do. Shantanu has been a great trainer, mentor and would definatly recommend that everyone to attend the training.

- Kaustubh Rane


As a matter of fact the instructor Shantanu knew what he was talking about, made it clear and conceptive for us to comprehend even complex problems. I would say "Good Job", but you guys can do better.

- Parneet Saluja


My expectation from the course has been met and my concepts with respect to Six sigma  and its methodology got cleared. The Benchmark Six Sigma and its faculty are doing a great job.

-Jaya Goyal


It was a great experience. Before the batch started, I thought that I won't survive for even a day, but Shantanu made these 4 days enjoyable and extremely enriching. Thanks to Benchmark now I see everything with a new perspective - including muffins and cinnabons!!

- Sharan P. Bhalla


Instructor is great, Professionalism with a sensible involvement in the classroom environment at a particular moment of time. He keeps the class alive.

- Akshat Ajmera


Would appeal everyone (specially Calcuttans) to attend the course, enhance the awareness and importance of six sigma and apply the same in your daily life

- Karan Sipany

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The instructor is amazing. Have great sense of knowledge which can be embedded in real time scenarios.


- Manjuladevi Krishnan, MSVC, Shelll India Pvt. Ltd.


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