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Why Six Sigma?

Why Lean Six Sigma? - Vikas Anchal

Vikas Anchal explains Lean and Six Sigma in a common man's language. He explains how his experiences have taught him the importance of Lean Six Sigma and why business owners see lot of value in implementing it.

Why Lean Six Sigma? - Pushkar Charan

Pushkar Charan uses daily life analogies to explain how things can be differently done using Lean Six Sigma. He goes on to detail out how Lean Six Sigma provides a powerful roadmap for a successful professional journey.

Why Lean Six Sigma - Mohan PB

Mohan explains various concepts related to improvements. In an absorbing way, he takes viewers through the traditional methods detailing why Lean Six Sigma was needed, how it works and how DMAIC plugs many gaps.

Why Lean Six Sigma? - Kunal Joshipura

Krunal Joshipura explains the significance of Lean Six Sigma using stake holder value. He talks how cost and revenue are driven by three pillars operational excellence, quality improvement and people development. (and how the three pillars are impacted...

Why Lean Six Sigma? - Jerry Abraham

Jerry Abraham explains why it makes a lot of sense to embrace Lean Six Sigma methodology. He makes his point in a straight and matter of fact manner.