All Benchmark Six Sigma corporate services have three key differentiators:

1 Great Learning Experience

This is always our number one priority and our entire services proposition is built on learning experiences. We have a deep desire that you enjoy learning and understand its applicability to your situation.

2 High Level Discussion Leading to Customized Objectives

We utilize our vast experience, maturity and management skills to understand business situation and related problems in a short time frame. We co-create objectives for a specific workshop with you.

3 Adopting the Deliverable to Your Unique Situation

We apply our understanding of your business situation to build games and exercises. During a workshop, this ensures that participants understand how to utilize the methods we teach and learn how to move toward solutions.

Our Services

  • Benchmark System of Business Improvement - Level 1
    Companies: Sapient, CMACGM
    If the leadership team of a strategic business unit of a company wants to get key people together to focus on problems of strategic importance and execute those projects with guidance of business improvement experts, BSBI level 1 carries all the answers.
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  • Benchmark System of Business Improvement - Level 2
    Companies: Nokia, Dufil Prima Foods
    BSBI level II is not a problem specific targeted deployment but an SBU level cross functional program, which is likely to begin with understanding business objectives of the strategic business unit. Benchmark Consultants propose and discuss key improvement areas before suggesting multiple targeted programs of the BSBI Level 1 kind.
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  • Benchmark System of Business Improvement - Level 3
    Companies: Tolaram Group, France Telecom
    BSBI level III is a 18 to 24 month program which may be planned as a result of Level I or level II programs. This program focuses on development of a central business excellence unit for a multi SBU enterprise.
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  • Design for Six Sigma - IDOV Program
    Companies: APC by Schneider Electric
    The IDOV program can help you go through design or re-engineering projects in a systematic proven sequence. The program takes you through creation of Functional requirements in I (Ideate) phase. D (Design) phase utilizes Functional analysis, Pi diagrams, Morph matrices, and TRIZ . O (Optimize) phase uses functional and reliability testing to create optimum product/ process. V (Verify) phase checks all transfer functions and reliability of results while validating designs. This program can leapfrog your organization well ahead in the competitive marketplace.
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  • Root Cause Analysis Workshop
    Companies: Accenture, Apollo Hospitals
    Sometimes taken up as an element with BSBI level I program, root cause analysis is also offered as a standalone workshop.
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  • Business Excellence Champion Workshop
    Companies: Jp Morgon, ONGC
    This is a component of each BSBI program. Also offered as a standalone program in open enrolment workshops, this workshop is suitable for the business excellence leadership team of the company.
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  • Workshop on complex decision making
    Companies: William Hare, Dr. Reddys
    The highest value from this program is derived when it is custom designed for an organisation with certain defined challenges. Some examples of complex decisions where this hands on workshop applies are - Product mix decisions, Selecting one among several options, Using data from historic or experimental sources to forecast, Ensuring logical thinking while removing inconsistencies.  
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  • Benchmark Business Improvement Reviews
    Companies: Bata,NIIT,
    BBI Reviews is a part of all levels of BSBI programs but is also offered as a standalone service. This service allows organisations to get their continuous improvement system reviewed by external experts with recommendations during each review. While this can be taken up as a one time service, or as an ongoing periodic service.
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  • Lean deployment program
    Companies: Airtel, Voith Turbo
    While BSBI programs utilise expertise from our 14 knowledge areas, a Lean Deployment program makes use of classical Lean concepts, tools and Kaizen/Kaikaku practices.
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  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
    Companies: IndiaFirst, Symantec
    Green Belt certified Professionals who acquire these skills and competencies lead process improvement projects within their functional areas. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification is a four day workshop where you move along the DMAIC framework to learn the practical application of Lean Six Sigma tools using case studies and practice projects.
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  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
    Companies: Voith Turbo, Nokia
    Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training is a 6 day workshop providing the next level knowledge to the Green Belt professionals in the ladder to Six Sigma perfection. Black Belt certified professionals lead projects that are cross functional in nature and occupy functional leadership positions in their organizations. Black Belt certification workshop delves deeper into the Lean six sigma tools and techniques.
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  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
    Companies: Danfoss
    Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt is a two day introductory workshop to the world of Lean Six Sigma. It is a great workshop to start a process improvement culture in the organization. Participants learn basics of the methodology and can implement small scale projects or support Green Belts & Black Belts in their improvement projects.
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