Our Clients

  • Google

    ”Intuitive method of delivering content through several Real Life examples, and also using examples from our own organization which helped us build better correlation between our business use cases & theoretical content.”

    - Harshit Didwania, Strategist- ARO, Google

     Root Cause Analysis Workshop (RCA) at Google
  • Airtel

    ”Benchmark is really creating Problem Solving Experts.”

    - Amit Mehrotra, DGM, Airtel

    Lean Management workshop at Airtel
  • Sapient Consulting

    ”Amazing coverage, great examples & terrific conceptual questions.”

    - Vivek Madan, Global Quality Director, Sapient Consulting

    Business Improvement workshop at Sapient
  • American Express

    ”Great Instructor who teaches you complex minitab calculations with ease and with practical examples. My Six Sigma concepts were revised again with lot of meaningful examples.”

    - Rahul Rajpal, Director, Business Self Testing, American Express

    Participants from American express at a Benchmark program.
  • Symantec

    ”Knowledge sharing, lot of value added additional knowledge which will be of great help in my functioning at work.”

    - Sarin Ravindran, Manager, Operations, Symantec

    Process improvement workshop at Symantec.
  • Alstom

    ”I liked the structured approach of the trainer towards teaching the methodology & application of six sigma.”

    - Bhaskar Mukherjee, Electrical Quality Manager, Alstom

    Participant from Alstom
  • Nokia

    ”I loved the practicallity, examples and the training dynamics throughout.”

    - Valentina Aguilar Ornelas, Quality and Development Manager, Sourcing Function, Nokia

    Greenbelt workshop at Nokia
  • Orange Business Services

    ”Benchmark Six Sigma has great focus on the subject.”

    - Kunal Bhandari, Business Analyst, Orange Business Services

    Participant from Orange at a Benchmark workshop
  • Intertek India Pvt. Ltd.

    ”Perfect score on method of training delivery, relevant examples, fun moments, explanation with memorable stories”

    - Kamal Kumar Gupta - DGM, Business Assurance, Intertek India Pvt. Ltd.

    Business improvement workshop at intertek
  • Dr. Reddy's Laboratory

    ”It is Benchmark who made Six Sigma got understood so easily and the implementation became practical and achievable.”

    - Tarun Singh, Deputy Manager, Dr. Reddy's Laboratory

    Dr. Reddy's, Root Cause Analysis Workshop
  • Cyberoam

    ”Course content is best suited for customer centric industry. It has given us a different thought process and improve the our current support process in best possible way.”

    - Ashvin Alagiya, Deputy Manager, Cyberoam Global Support Management Center

    Cyberoam, Lean Six Sigma workshop
  • JP Morgan Chase

    ”This course can add value irrespective of sector and current profile.”

    - Ajay Gupta, Team Manager, JP Morgan Chase.

    JP Morgan, Lean Six Sigma training
  • Suzlon

    ”The Suzlon team organized a Benchmark Six Sigma program with a focus on reduction in defects and site failures. The training was done for Pondicherry plant managers.”


    Process improvement at Suzlon
  • William Hare

    ”Benchmark Six Sigma provides State-of-an-art training on the Six Sigma concepts that enables the leaders to drive their teams to achieve remarkable results in a short span of time.”

    - Karthik Chakravarthy, Assistant Manager

    William _hare, Business improvement
  • Tata Motors Ltd

    ” This training is worth doing and it helped me a lot in streaming out process.”

    - Manoj Kr. Sinha, Asst. Manager, Tata Motors Ltd.

    Tata Motors, Lean Six Sigma workshop
  • American Power Conversion

    ”This course provides a good blend of conceptual understanding of key statistical applications and its practical applications.”

    - Ashish A. Adhikari, Head Operational Excellence, American Power Conversion.

    Process excellence at APC
  • Essar

    ”The methodology is simple and designed for everyone to comprehend and apply.”

    - Seema Nair

    Essar, Lean Six Sigma training and certification
  • India First

    ”The entire course was very useful. All concepts have become clear & would be very useful in implementation at IndiaFirst.”

    - Preeti Vijan, Assistant Manager, India First.

    IndiaFirst, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Beam Global

    ” The World leader in scotch organized a workshop for enhancement of productivity at the India units.”


    Beam Global, Lean Management workshop
  • Apollo Hospitals

    ”The best course to achieve customer satisfaction and achieve breakthrough performance improvement.”

    - Y. Subrahmanyam, GM Apollo Hospitals.

    Lean Six Sigma at Apollo Hospitals

    ”I liked the the content, manner and style of course execution helped keep the whole group interested and engaged throughout the program.”

    - Paul David Eldred, Director, Finance and Accounting, CMA CGM Shared Service Centre (India) Pvt. Ltd.

    CMACGM, Lean Six Sigma training
  • Syngenta

    ”The way training was handled within 4 days and also the way we spent the time in the training was awesome. Good course, keep going, Benchmark Six Sigma Rocks!!”

    - Guruprasad S., Team Lead

    Sygenta, Lean Six Sigma in HR
  • ONGC

    ”The Lean Six Sigma Champion program at ONGC Kolkata exposed the senior management and initiate the Lean Six Sigma drive in 2003.”


    ONGC, Champion Workshop
  • Colorcon Asia

    ”Best use of Visual aids and real life examples used to explain each concept, most powerful training experienced so far.”

    - Shantanu Damle, Sr. Area Technical Manager, Film Coatings, Colorcon Asia Pvt. Ltd.

    Colorcon, Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification
  • HSBC India

    "The Green Belt Six Sigma Course is informative and instructional. The flow of the course makes it easy to assimilate various types of best practices. Learning is conducted in an interactive fun way making it easy to remember new ideas and methodologies for future recall.

    - Suzanne da Costa, Vice President, HSBC India.

    HSBC, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • Indofoods

    ”I liked the course methodology, the examples and how it is facilitated.”

    - Anthony Oluwasunhan, Technical Training Manager, Indofoods

    Indofoods, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • Vodafone

    This course definitely changes your approach trowards a problem. You start looking to fix things that are within your limits rather than waiting for a change or blame on others for the problem

    - Anuradha Sahu, Sr. Quality Analyst, Vodafone.

    Vodafone, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • Vikram Solar

    "Effective tools with faster analytics and conclusions. Excellent course to develop emerging industries."

    - Anil Peter, Asst. Manager, Vikram Solar.

    Vikram Solar, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • CCI

    "Short and crisp lectures - Definitely a pocket MBA."

    - John Thaliath, Global Legal Compliance Manager, CCI.

    CCI, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • Insignia Print Technology LFTZ Enterprise

    "Benchmark Six Sigma is the best thing that happened to companies and business who plan to train their personnel and implement six-sigma in their firms."

    -Ohiaeri Chioma N., HR and Administration Manager, Insignia Print Technology

  • Altisource

    "The program kept all of us involved and interested in what was happening."

    - Zubin Ray, Practice Manager, Altisource.

    Altisource, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • Maersk Group

    "Given case studies are helpful for our future and current carrier."

    - C Edward William Christy, Process Expert, Maersk Group

    Maersk, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • Sutherland Global Services

    "We really get to learn a lot from the software oriented practice during the course."

    - Arun Ramachandran, Senior Specialist, Sutherland Global Services.

    Sutherland, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • Northern Noodles

    "Every business that are success driven should abide in six sigma concept for their business growth and customer satisfaction."

    -Camillus Udeabanihu, Qc Manager, Northern Noodles

  • serco

    "Kudos to the Benchmark SS team for seamless training and exceptional knowledge base."

    - Prasad Naik, Team Manager, serco.

    Serco, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • Verizon Data Services India

    "The course is extremely good and learnt so many things in the last 4 days...Thanks to the trainer!!!"

    - Adusumalli Seth, Consultant, Verizon Data Services India.

  • IBM

    "Valuable and needed training for multiple industries and professions."

    - Rajesh Radhakrishnan, Sr. IT Architect, IBM

    IBM, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • HCL

    "I liked the various examples used by the trainer to explain Six Sigma concepts."

    - Avinash T. Meshram, Technical Manager, HCL.

    HCL, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • TCS

    "The training was simple and easy to understand with an excellent course material."

    - Sangram Padurang Gaikwad, Team Leader, TCS.

    TCS, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • Wipro

    "What Iliked best was the comprehensive coverage of subject & involvement of instructor."

    - Amit Kumar Paul, Regional Logistics Manager, Wipro.

  • Dell

    "I was amazed by trainer's knowledge and was really impressed by knowing the scope of Six Sigma."

    - Shaily Chhabra, Training Lead, dell.

    Dell, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • HP

    "Benchmark is very professional in training and has certainly delivered the value."

    - Dwarkanath Bharadvaj, APM - IT, HP.

    HP, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • Capgemini

    "Content and its classification are really nice. Altogether it was a wonderful experience!!"

    - Kriparam Mannaraj, Senior Consultant, Capgemini.

    Capgemini, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • Deloitte

    "I liked the knowledge of the trainer, training course and the depth in which topics were covered."

    - Achint Gupta, Senior Consultant, Deloitte.

    Deloitte, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • Infosys Limited

    "The way in which topics are covered was nice and the whole program was very encouraging."

    - Viswanathan Ramanathan, IT Analyst, Infosys Limited.

    Infosys, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • Swiss Re

    "A very good methodology for implementationin any field."

    - Ramya Christy B, Asst. Vice President, Swiss Re.

    Swiss re, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • Cisco

    "I learned esy ways to solve big problems from Benchmark."

    - Shafi Hadimani, Accounts Manager, Cisco.

    Cisco, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • FIS Global

    "I enjoyed the examples which relate perfectly with the real life situations or concepts."

    - Deepak Singh, Business Analyst, FIS Global.

    FIS Global, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • Genpact

    "Benchmark Six Sigma is the best training institute for Lean Six Sigma & Quality Concepts."

    - Vivek Madan, AVP, Genpact.

    Genpact, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • First American (India)

    "The contents of the course is excellent with helpful six sigma tools."

    - Anish Mathew V, Supervisor, First American (India).

    First American, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • Bank of America

    "Trainer and training was world class with practical application of each and every which made learning easy yet powerful."

    - Tushar Kanti Ghosh, Sr. Associate, Bank of America.

    Bank of America, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • SNL Financial

    "the content delivery style of the trainer and the depth of course was great."

    - Pooja Madia, Product Manager, SNL Financial.

    SNL Financial, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • accenture

    "I liked almost everything in this program - Training material, examples, exercises and trainer."

    - Narayan Venkatraman, Process Consultant, Accenture.

    Business improvement workshop at Accenture
  • Standard-chartered

    "The course is simple and easy to understand with a wonderful teaching technique."

    - Sudhakaran S, Team Leader, Scope International.

    Standard Chartered, Lean Six Sigma training certification
  • Indus Towers

    "Knowledge and implementation of these tools will help to bring drive towards perfection and close looping the gaps in system."

    - Nilesh Mahangade, Manager, Site Acquisition, Indus Towers Ltd.

    Indus Towers
  • "What I liked best about this course were case studies related to our daily operations and activity based problem solving."

    - Shoumi Majumder, Asstt Manager, F&B Service, Oberoi Hotels and Resorts.

  • "About the program - 'Neighbors envy, Owners pride!' How to deduce statistical inference and apply the same in our daily operations was best trained."

    - Jyoti Kothari, Asstt Finance Manager, BHN Ltd.

  • "Got an overall understanding of the Six Sigma Projects."

    - Deepak Singhal, Asstt CEO, Dufil

  • "Practical Approach, Excellent program."

    - Pawan Kumar Sharma, GM, Multi Pro

  • "Its an effective tool which every organisation shud practice,thus improving the process and growth of the organisation."

    - Rahul Jalan, Finance Controller, Panabiz

  •  De United Foods Industries Ltd.

    "This programme should be mandated for any professional joining food company like ours."

    -Oyadoke Olusoji Adeniyi, Group Qc Manager, De United Foods Industries Ltd.

  • "In my more than 25 years of life, I have experienced such good training in such high level training."

    - Chet Narayan Pathak, Head Quality Control, Hypo Hygiene

  • "Well conducted course. Case study, quiz and of course the Analyze phase details were very interesting."

    - Neeraj Kalaskar, Chief Six Sigma Officer, Lucky Fibre PLC

  • "Learned few methodology which i do not know earlier. And, it is very useful and i will try to apply in my process."

    - S. Thanumalayaperumal, Specialist – Global Fulfillment Master Data, RC- Logistics, Danfoss

  • OTA Seasoning

    "Even HR can be statistically driven - in totality."

    -Nwadei Lucky, Human Resources Manager, HR, OTA

  • "This training helped me improve the sales and better customer satisfaction with a faster response to the customer resulting in more repeated purchase."

    - Akshay Sharma, Deputy General Manager, Flights Business, Yatra

  • "The overall course content is concise, very effective and is perfectly complimented by practical usage."

    - Gautam Garg, Asst. Manager - Operations, Digital Media, Adobe

  • "Very useful and must to learn course for corporate professionals."

    -Babu Dayalan, Assistant Manager, Customer Service, Bank Bazaar

  • "The course was designed to address the quality and efficiency of the production process."

    -Sammy Njoroge, Bata

  • "I could understand the meaning and application of lean tools and concepts. The training was extremely engaging and there was never a dull moment."

    -Dharmendra Patel, Production, Zobele

  • Pure Flour Mills Ltd.

    "6 Sigma is powerful tool which should be used by medium & large size Organization Interaction and knowledge sharing by faculty made the topics simple"

    -Madhukar Khetan, Group Finance Controller, Pure Flour Mills