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”Benchmark is really creating Six Sigma Experts.”

- Amit Mehrotra, DGM, Airtel


”I liked the structured approach of the trainer towards teaching the methodology & application of six sigma.”

-Bhaskar Mukherjee, Electrical Quality Manager, Alstom


”The methodology is simple and designed for everyone to comprehend and apply.”

- Seema Nair


”It is Benchmark who made Six Sigma got understood so easily and the implementation became practical and achievable.”

-Tarun Singh, Deputy Manager, Dr. Reddy's Laboratory.

Dr. Reddy's

”The Suzlon team organized a Benchmark Six Sigma program with a focus on reduction in defects and site failures. The training was done for Pondicherry plant managers.”


”This course can add value irrespective of sector and current profile.”

-Ajay Gupta, Team Manager, JP Morgan Chase.

JP Morgan Chase

”The best course to achieve customer satisfaction and achieve breakthrough performance improvement.”

-Y. Subrahmanyam, GM Apollo Hospitals.


”Benchmark Six Sigma provides State-of-an-art training on the Six Sigma concepts that enables the leaders to drive their teams to achieve remarkable results in a short span of time.”

-Karthik Chakravarthy, Assistant Manager

William Hare


”This course provides a good blend of conceptual understanding of key statistical applications and its practical applications.”

-Ashish A. Adhikari, Head Operational Excellence, American Power Conversion.



” This training is worth doing and it helped me a lot in streaming out process.”

-Manoj Kr. Sinha, Asst. Manager, Tata Motors Ltd.

Tata Motors

”The entire course was very useful. All concepts have become clear & would be very useful in implementation at IndiaFirst.”

-Preeti Vijan, Assistant Manager, India First.

India First

”The Lean Six Sigma Champion program at ONGC Kolkata exposed the senior management and initiate the Lean Six Sigma drive in 2003.”


”Benchmark Six Sigma has great focus on the subject.”

-Kunal Bhandari, Business Analyst, Orange Business Services.

France Telecom

”I liked the course methodology, the examples and how it is facilitated.”

-Anthony Oluwasunhan, Technical Training Manager, Indofoods


” The World leader in scotch organized a workshop for enhancement of productivity at the India units.”

Beam Global

”Benchmark is a brand in six sigma certifications along with experienced faculty & covering almost all the tools within a short span of duration.”

-Mohit Arora, Manager, NIIT Technologies.


”The way training was handled within 4 days and also the way we spent the time in the training was awesome. Good course, keep going, Benchmark Six Sigma Rocks!!”

- Guruprasad S., Team Lead


”Great Instructor who teaches you complex minitab calculations with ease and with practical examples. My Six Sigma concepts were revised again with lot of meaningful examples.”

- Rahul Rajpal, Director, Business Self Testing, American Express

American Express

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