About Us

Engaging, practical, valuable workshops.

Workshops that provide extra-ordinary learning experiences.

We do what we are passionate about. We are passionate about what we do.
But, over the years (we have been around since 2001), while training 15000+ professionals (we now train 200+ every month), we noticed that
somewhere along the way, workshops designed to help people become great problem solvers do not help some of them.

So, we set out to build even better workshops. Better workshops than what we have been doing this far. Better workshops than ever before.
And we keep doing this at every opportunity that we get.

Corporate programs
For In-Company Requirements
Customised in-company business improvement workshops are our primary focus area. On completion of our workshop, we facilitate assignments that ensure great business results. We have evolved methods that cut down your business improvement project costs and effort to half. At the same time, we ensure your projects deliver double the effectiveness. So, if your improvement projects earlier took 6 months, they are now likely to take 3 months or less. If your projects earlier delivered a million dollars in benefits, they are now likely to deliver 2 million or more.
  • public programs
    For Public Workshop Participants

    We have developed games and exercises that make you think all the time. Engage you so compellingly that you have no option but to immerse yourself in a whole new paradigm. We create experiences that you are unlikely to forget. We use examples that are useful for everyone irrespective of industry, domain or function. We maintain highest global recognition for our participants.

  • institutional programs
    For Institutional Clients

    We use workshop format with situations and contests that captivate. The format ensures that participants learn at a rapid pace. We use sequences that generate interest. We share our experiences from the corporate world in a manner that knowledge that is both wide and deep gets transferred in a short duration. We create great competitive edge for candidates irrespective of their interest area.